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Curriculum Summary

Maths and English

Are prominent but not dominant at the expense of all else.

English Literature

Is taught as part of the English allocation in KS4 (examined at the end of Year 10).


Is taught as part of the Maths curriculum and examined at the end of Year 10.


Is taught to all – we allocate a minimum of 10% of the curriculum time to KS3 and GCSE RE.


Leads into combined science for all or triple science (three separate sciences). We acknowledge the volume of the new GCSE courses – we run triple science for the top set in the curriculum time -this will not put pressure on other choices for these students.


We commit to MFL as part of an option subject as KS4, we therefore allocate the majority of students sufficient MFL (Spanish) time at KS3. A second language can be accessed as part of a club in the TAG time (Talents, Abilities and Gifts part of the curriculum)


History and Geography are taught as discrete specialist subjects and for the vast majority (those who do not opt for computer science) a compulsory option. (block 1 choices)


We are committed to well-being and we honour the recommended minimum of hours for all (plus more at KS4). The vast majority of students as part of the core KS4 offer will access GCSE or Vocational exam level PE.


We have a full weekly commitment, with specialist year teams for each of the classes. Classes are allocated 30mins per week (with additional assemblies and drop down days)


Are all vital as part of the matrix at KS3. Discrete lessons are allocated to these subjects. (become part of the block 2 choices at KS4)


Is included as a discrete subject at KS3 and an option at KS4 (for those students working at a grade 6 or above in maths)

KS4 Option subjects (block 2 choices) 

Vocational Tech Awards – Sport, Health and Social Care, Travel and Tourism, Information Digital Technology and Enterprise. In addition GCSE options in Food Science, Textiles, Art, Drama, Spanish and Music.

TAG time

Every Friday week B (period 4 and period 5) students will participate in ‘Talent, Abilities and Gifts’ afternoon. This is a compulsory part of the enrichment education that our students will receive.

Activities will include sports, dance, drama, cooking, a second language, science club, chess etc. students will choose three per year and be encouraged to choose areas not reflected in their option choices. No one activity can be selected more than once (except for the language group).

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