Health And Social Care

The Health & Social Care Department 

  • Mr M Harris- Head of Faculty 
  • Mrs S Parry- Health & Social Care/Child Development Teacher 
  • Miss J Meisuria- Health & Social Care/Psychology Teacher 


Our principle aim is to inspire students interest and excitement in the essential field of Health and Social Care, and nurture and support their natural enthusiasm for supporting others. Through a guided programme of learning, we will look to provide our students with the knowledge and understanding of the principles of care provision, as well as an ability to challenge themselves beyond their perceived academic limits. From this curriculum, students will be able to establish their own perceptions of how care is provided, being able to analyse care provision and consider future options through developed understanding. 

Our curriculum centres on the key elements of human development and how this is nurtured through the application of specialised care. At the outset of learning, students will learn about key aspects of the development of humans across all life stages, considering key aspects that are unearthed through; Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development. Students will be encouraged to explore an individual approach to human development through their understanding of how prescribed factors may impact individual developmental processes. Students will also explore how different elements of development can be influenced and nurtured through the provision of care; and this is explored through the evaluating the physical and psychological well being of appropriate case studies.  

Students will select Health and Social Care as part of their optional programme of study at KS4. The curriculum design is such, that key areas of subject development flow seamlessly into further optional study at KS5. 


Exam board BTEC Level 2 Tech Award 

Exam board BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate 

Curriculum Summary


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