The Science Department 

  • Miss C Roache – Head of Faculty 
  • Mr S Feather – Lead Practitioner 
  • Dr L Jones - Lead Practitioner and Leader of Biology 
  • Miss V Wright- Leader of Chemistry  
  • Mr A Darby - Leader of Physics 
  • Mrs K Morris - KS3 Lead Teacher 
  • Mrs Garewal - BTEC Science Lead 
  • Mrs T Smith - Head of Year and Science Teacher 
  • Miss N Munroe - Science Teacher 
  • Mrs E Perkins- Science Teacher 
  • Mr S Reid - Lead Technician 
  • Ms C Johns Gardner - Technician and Cover Supervisor 
  • Ms K Hemus - Support Staff
  • Mr L Connor - Science Teacher 
  • Miss C Ross - Science Teacher 
  • Mr D Khalid - Intervention Co-Ordinator Science

The Science curriculum at St Edmund Campion uses the Framework of Excellence and understanding as the key to facilitate a high-quality knowledge rich Science curriculum. At Key Stage 3, the Science curriculum lays the foundation and key ideas for students through the use of booklets identifying the core and cultural knowledge with all students receiving the same entitlement. The curriculum has been designed to enable all learners to develop their understanding and broaden their knowledge of the world around them. Science investigation skills are a key as an approach to exploring science. Such a focus on scientific skills will equip pupils with the skills needed not just to uncover facts, but to think critically and analytically in a wide range of situations. The department has a range of teachers across the three disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  

In Ks4 students all complete the Combined Science Trilogy Science course leading to 2 GCSE grades. Each aspect of the course Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught by specialist teachers. At the end of Year 9, the most able students will be able to choose an option to complete all three Sciences- Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each taught separately by subject specialists leading to 3 Science GCSE grades. Pupils are encouraged to see the links between the sciences whilst at the same time appreciating their differing aspects. This will equip them for their life ahead be it through a vocational apprentice route or with a view to studying one or more of the Sciences in the sixth form and beyond.  

At present we offer courses in GCE Advanced level in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and BTEC National(level 3) Applied Science which are dependent on career choices and interests. Many students select one or more from these options. Each course has a practical based element. 

Exam Boards

GCSE Combined Science - AQA 

Separate Sciences GCSE - AQA




Post 16 

A level Biology - AQA 

A level Chemistry - AQA 

A level Physics - AQA 

BTEC Nationals (level 3) Applied Science - Pearson 

Curriculum Summary

Learning Journey

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