History & Politics

The History Department:

  • Mr A Burgess – Head of Faculty 
  • Mr T Burness– History Teacher 
  • Mr J Griffiths – Assistant Headteacher History and Politics  
  • Miss C Peacocks - History and Politics Teacher
  • Miss A Van Loan - History Teacher

We aim to spark and nurture students' interest in, and enthusiasm for, History, and equip them with the academic skills and knowledge they need to write, think and debate like a historian. We want students to challenge perceptions about the world around them. We want to give the students the opportunity to experience good quality history as well as a love of the subject, to be able to formulate and substantiate their own views and interpretations in a critical and analytical way.  Our curriculum covers some of the most important and exciting historical events. Pupils will learn about local, British and world history ranging from the Middle Ages through to the 1960’s. The stories of great royal houses to the poor in changing societies are included. Some of the topics we study include the Black Death, Tudors, Stuarts, the Industrial Revolution, the Suffragette movement, WWI, WWII, the Holocaust, Cold War and the changing society of the 1960s. At the end of Year 9 pupils have the option of selecting History as one of their GCSE options. They will follow the OCR course and study People’s Health 1250-2000, Living Under Nazi Rule, The Making of America 1789-1900, the Norman Conquest and a local study on Kenilworth Castle. From there pupils have the choice to select A Level history where they will study the tumultuous events in British History 1851-1964 and the life and times of Louis XIV, the Sun King of France.  

Exam Board



A Level History - AQA 


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Curriculum Summary

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