It is important that you notify the Attendance Office that your child will be absent from school.  You will be required to do this for each day of their absence by 9:30am failure to do so will result in further contact from the school.

You can report student absence in the following ways:

  1. Emailing us at
  2. By calling the Attendance Office directly on 0121 464 7700 option 1 and selecting the attendance line.  This line has a voicemail facility.
  3. Using the Parentmail app.  The app can be downloaded to your phone.

Parentmail App explanation 

Medical Appointments

Parents are required to call or email the school in advance to notify of any medical or dental appointments.  Evidence of the appointment may also be requested.

Important Attendance Information:

School Attendance Policy 2020 

Government Information about School AttendanceWhole School Letter - Attendance Update March 2021


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