Young Vincentians

The St Vincent de Paul Society is part of an international Christian voluntary network dedicated to tackling poverty in all its forms by providing practical assistance to people in need.


In 1833, a young student named Frederic Ozanam was appalled by the immense poverty surrounding him in post-revolution France. Determined to offer help to those most in need, he established a small, charitable group with some of his friends. Inspired by St Vincent De Paul’s compassion and generosity, he adopted the saint’s name for the charity’s patronage. Nearly two-hundred years later, the charity has grown worldwide and now there is a St Vincent De Paul Society in almost every single parish.


In school, our students are ideally placed to bring the Vincentian ethos to all young people and to help sow seeds of a lifetime of service. Through weekly meetings, our Young Vincentians address any concerns and apply immense energy to helping however possible. They develop their voices and abilities by engaging in the local community and taking part in social action. Through voluntary work, they not only make a positive difference, but learn new skills, build lasting friendships and develop their faith.


Our current Young Vincentians are as follows:


Wahidah, Y12

Jennifer O, Y12

Michelle K, Y12

Lauren, Y12

Zara, Y12

Lydia, Y12

Charlotte, Y12

Melissa Birladeanu, Y12

Aigill, Y13

Tchissola, Y13

Graacia, Y13

Ana Clara M, Y13

Daniel T, Y13

Kacie, Y13

Aashna, Y13

Will O’Rourke, Y13

Adam Edgerton, Y13

Alin Rose, Y13

Rossella, Y13


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