School Uniform

Years 7-11


Plain black blazer.  The school badge must be sewn onto the front pocket.  School badges are only available from school.


White shirt with collar and buttons to the neck.  The shirt must be long enough to be tucked into a skirt or trousers.


Years 7 -10  Red tie.  School ties are only available from school.

Year 11 – Black tie.

Trousers and Socks

Plain black smart school trousers worn with black socks.  Skin tight or fashion trousers are not permitted. Trousers must cover the ankle and not be tight around the ankle. 

Skirt and Tights

Plain black traditional stitch-down pleated skirt.   Must be worn with black tights.  Stretchy fabrics are not permitted.  Skirts are not to be worn with socks


Jumpers are optional.  If pupils choose to wear a jumper it must be a plain black woollen V-neck.  Sweatshirt fabric or round neck jumpers are not permitted.


Plain black, traditional school shoes that can be polished and offer good support.  Boots and shoes that look like trainers or pumps are not permitted.  Airforce trainers are not permitted.


Plain, dark coloured coat.  Jackets, fashion coats and hoodies are not permitted.

PE kit

Pupils are required to have a PE kit for their physical education lessons.  The school PE kit can only be purchased directly from

The pack consists of:

  • Red Adidas polo
  • Black Adidas Football shirt
  • Black Adidas socks
  • Black Adidas shorts.

The shirts will also have pupils’ surnames printed on their backs.  Please note that nicknames are not permitted.

Pupils will require a swimming kit (dark in colour) and a towel, trainers (non-marking sole) and where possible football boots.

Pupils are expected to take part in every PE lesson. A child’s class teacher will need a written note from a parent/carer if there is a health-related reason that prevents a child from taking part in physical exercise. If this is the case, they must wear kit and assist the teacher within the lesson. When children are attending after school sports clubs they must provide a kit as doing clubs in school uniform is not permitted.

Sports day takes place annually at the school fields in July for All Pupils Year 7-10

All items of clothing should be marked with pupil’s name and pupils should ensure that they put all PE kit items back in their bags at the end of PE lessons. 


Uniform & Equipment: Other Regulations


School Bag

Pupils must bring a school bag to school every day.  The bag should be plain and large enough to hold A4 exercise books.   Pupils must have an English dictionary in their bag. 

Pencil Case

Pupils must have a well stocked pencil case with them every day.  Items required are:

  • A black pen and a few spares
  • A pencil, rubber and sharpener
  • A green pen for reviewing their work
  • A  ruler
  • A protractor
  • Coloured pencils


Pupils must bring a scientific calculator to every Maths lesson. 


One small signet ring and one pair of small plain silver or plain gold earrings are allowed.  Fashion or diamante earrings are not permitted. No other jewellery items are permitted.


Facial or body piercings are not permitted.


Make-up is not permitted.  False eyelashes are not permitted and will be confiscated and not returned if worn.


Nails should be kept short.  Nail varnish is not permitted.  False nails are not permitted.


Hair colouring must be natural shades only.  Coloured or patterned extensions are not permittedAny items used to tie hair back must be plain black.



Pupils’ uniform and appearance must be of a high standard.  The Head Teacher reserves the right to make the final decision regarding acceptable uniform. 

If you are in any doubt about any aspect of the uniform/appearance code, please ask your child’s Head of Year before committing to a purchase or allowing your child to commit to a change in appearance. 


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