The Geography Department

  • Miss A. Barber – Head of Department 
  • Mrs D. McNicholas – Geography Teacher 
  • Miss R Collis  – Geography Teacher 
  • Mr S. Billington – Post-16 Co-ordinator / Geography Teacher 

Without geography, you are lost. Geography helps us understand the world around us and gives us a deeper understanding of the contemporary issues facing our planet. Our geography curriculum is diverse and exciting – it will take you from continent to continent and allow you to explore the physical and human mysteries of a variety of countries and places. You will explore the natural and how volcanoes, earthquakes, tropical storms and ecosystems affect human civilisations! You will find out what we need to do to save our planet from the effects of climate change and discover why Donald Trump is wrong when he says climate change is not real! You will explore India, Nigeria and Brazil along with many other exciting countries to find out how their lives are different to our own! You will find out what has led to nations like the USA have become powerful, while Russia sits in frustration and some countries in Africa are still in extreme poverty! 

Alongside all this fascinating knowledge, you will also develop a variety of skills that will make you a Geographer. You will ask questions about the world and have discussions about controversial topics. You will analyse some of the challenges facing our world leaders today and evaluate strategies to tackle these problems. You will be able to analyse data and conduct statistical tests. You will learn how to write in an evaluative way that allows you to come to a well justified conclusion.     

At the end of Year 9, pupils have the options to select Geography as one of their GCSE options. They will follow the AQA course and have the chance to build upon the knowledge they have learnt at GCSE; exploring topics at a higher level and in more detail. From this pupils can chose to study A-Level geography where, alongside traditional topics such as Globalisation and Water and Carbon Cycles, they will explore a brand new topic around the concept of place.   

Exam Board


A-Level - AQA 

Geography Useful Websites 

KEY STAGE 3 (Y7, Y8 & Y9) 



Seneca Learning – useful overviews of different topics and quizzes to test what you have learnt: 

Curriculum Summary

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