RE & Sociology

The Religious Education Department 

  • Mr T Oxley – Assistant Headteacher Religious Education and Catholic Life
  • Miss F Toland – Religious Education Teacher
  • Mrs K Clements – Religious Education Learning Leader KS4
  • Mrs K Atkinson – Lead Practitioner
  • Mrs J Quoroll - Religious Education Teacher/Vice Principal 
  • Mrs A Miglinczy – Religious Education Teacher / Careers
  • Mrs R Jacobs – Religious Education Teacher/Sociology
  • Mrs S Parry – Religious Education Teacher/Health and Social
  • Mrs S Hussain - Religious Education Teacher

Religious Education is taught throughout the school and is based on the Curriculum Directory for Religious Education.  All schemes of work are designed is such a way so as to provide an engaging, meaningful and inclusive way for our students to ‘Achieve Together Through Christ.’  Our students are drawn into a personal relationship with God as they explore their own beliefs and values.  Students are nurtured through their school journey, encountering the Jesuit virtues of our Patron Saint Edmund Campion.  Through this journey, students are drawn into the living traditions of the Catholic Church.  They are supported and challenged into becoming truly human, made in the image and likeness of God.

Religious Education is concerned with the deep meaning that our students make of their experiences and how this helps them give purpose to their lives.  Students’ knowledge and understanding of religions and non-religious beliefs are explored.  We help develop their ability to construct well-argued, well-informed, balanced and structured written arguments, demonstrating their depth and breadth of understanding of RE.

Religious Education helps provides opportunities for learners to engage with questions of belief, value, meaning, purpose, truth, and their influence on human life.   Our students are challenged to reflect on and develop their own values, beliefs and attitudes in the light of what they have learnt and contributes to their preparation for adult life in a pluralistic society and global community.  Through the study or Judaism and other faith traditions we help deepen their understanding of the relationships between believers and non-believers. Ours is an education of the whole person, Spirit, Mind and Body.

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