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  • Miss L Fisher - Head of Business
  • Mr M Jilali - Teacher of Business

As a department, our purpose is to develop enterprising individuals. Who have an ability to use both business knowledge and technical skills such as planning, researching and pitching to be successful when entering the world of business.  

In order for our students to be successful in business, they need to be able to confidently present both innovations and opinions as well as critique both their own and others views and perceptions. As well as the financial connection between profit and survival. Our Curriculum allows our students to do just that! 

Students join the BTEC Tech Award Level 2 in Enterprise as an option subject in year 10. Beginning with component one, learning the foundations of how businesses begin, catering for different stakeholders, how a business sets targets through aims and objectives, how a business will use market research to attract and sustain customers, how businesses follow both law and legislation and how social media can be advantageous to an organisation.  

Once the foundations have been established in component one, the students will undertake an external examination assessing their knowledge of both finance and promotion. Finance is a fundamental functional area for a business, students learn how finance is needed to begin trading and how finance needs to be closely monitored to continue trading.  

Using business foundations from component one and financial skills from component two, students finish the course completing component three. Component three allows the opportunity for students to both plan and deliver a business pitch (Just like Dragon’s Den!). This equips the students with the confidence to apply business knowledge such as budgeting, trading, human relations and contingency plans to get a taste of what it is like to trade in business.  


BTEC Level 2 Tech Award


GCSE Business 9 – 1 Edexcel (Year 11 only): 

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