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Childline – The Full Story Campaign

Last year, Childline launched a child sexual exploitation campaign, The Full Story, you can see the 5 short stories that was made as part of the online content here. The aim is to increase awareness of sexual exploitation for young people and connect more young people at risk of or experiencing exploitation with support. You can access the posters to use in your services and also find out more on the Childline campaign landing page.


Did you know Childline’s confidentiality works differently to other organisations?

It means young people have a safe space to talk about things they may not have shared with anyone else. We are here to build trust and empower young people by listening to them, and depending on their individual needs, we can help them access the right support agencies. Check out our confidentiality policy here.


Assets to support professionals/adults with signposting to Childline


Report Remove - Report Remove | NSPCC Information for adults -  For a child or young person, having a sexual image or video of themselves shared online can be a distressing situation. This can be difficult for parents and carers too, but there are ways you can support your child. If they’re under 18, they can use Report Remove.


Report Remove is a tool that allows young people to report an image or video shared online, to see if it’s possible to get it taken down. Provided by Childline and IWF, it keeps the young person informed at each stage of their report, and provides further support where necessary.


Volunteering – Childline is a volunteer lead service and we are always looking to recruit new volunteers. You can find information about volunteering for Childline on our NSPCC website.

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