The Maths Department 

  • Mr C Bates – Head of Faculty
  • Mr K Fung – Lead Practitioner KS4 
  • Mr S Hall – Maths Teacher 
  • Mrs M Jameela – Maths Teacher 
  • Mr J Miller – Post 16 Co-ordinator and Maths Teacher
  • Mr J Morgan – STEM Co-ordinator and Maths Teacher 
  • Mr J Tang – Maths Teacher 
  • Mr A Grant – Headteacher  
  • Miss A Ryduchowska - KS3 Co-ordinator and Maths Teacher
  • Miss J Partridge – Maths Teacher
  • Mrs P Birdi – Maths Teacher

Curriculum Intent

Our intent is to inspire students to develop a numerical fluency for life through our challenging and carefully sequenced curriculum. We aim to empower our students to have a confidence to reason and problem solve by applying their mathematical knowledge.

Key Stage 3

Our KS3 curriculum is designed to develop key mathematical skills and concepts, such as working with fractions and introducing algebra. Throughout KS3 our students will explore all six areas of maths (number, algebra, ratio, shape, probability and statistics) and revisit them at regular intervals. We aim to cement their knowledge through retrieval activities and extend their understanding through high levels of challenge. We aim to enable students to feel confident in applying their knowledge and ultimately solve problems that use mathematical concepts.

Key Stage 4

Our KS4 curriculum aims to expand and consolidate our students’ knowledge so that they are fully prepared for the numeracy of everyday life. We strive to equip them with the problem-solving skills needed to be successful in their futures. Our curriculum prepares them for GCSE through the use of challenging questions that mirrors the difficulty of the new examinations. All six areas of maths are revisited frequently allowing for a breadth of mathematical knowledge. Each topic does in-depth into a particular area of Maths allowing for a sound understanding.

Key Stage 5

Our KS5 curriculum aims to equip students with the mathematical skills required for further education or employment. It is academically rigorous and enables our students to achieve the highest possible grades.

Our Core Maths provision ensures students have the skills employers are looking for, including a knowledge of finance, graphs and data handling.

Our A Level courses contain a mix of Pure, Mechanics and Statistics content with one unit of Decision for our Further Maths students. This enables our students to go onto STEM, finance or data related degree courses and professions.

Exam Boards

GCSE Maths - Edexcel  

A Level Maths - Edexcel  

A Level Further Maths - Edexcel

Core Maths - AQA

Useful websites for Maths 

  • - Watch the video examples, try the exam questions for each topic with mark schemes for each. There are also past papers, specimen papers and sample papers. There are A Level materials available. 
  •  - Lessons and exam questions. Create an account for free! Excellent resources to stretch you. There are lots of A Level materials available including Further Maths. 
  •  - Try a 5 a day challenge, practice questions for each topic, watch video examples or try one of their predicted papers. There are A Level materials available. 
  •  - Homework for years 7 – 10 is set on here. Login is sted and the school password is prime. Use your individual login to access your homework. There are also lessons and tasks for each topic. There are A Level materials available. 
  •  - Lots of lessons, exam questions and worksheets. Lots of A Level material.  


Curriculum Summary

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