The Maths Department 

  • Mr C Bates – Head of Faculty
  • Miss S McIntosh – Lead Practitioner KS3 
  • Mr K Fung – Lead Practitioner KS4 
  • Mr S Hall – Maths Teacher 
  • Mrs M Jameela – Maths Teacher 
  • Mr J Miller – Post 16 co-ordinator and Maths Teacher
  • Mr J Morgan – STEM co-ordinator and Maths Teacher 
  • Mr J Tang – Maths Teacher 
  • Mr J Hussey – Assistant Headteacher 
  • Mr A Grant – Headteacher  
  • Miss L Williams - Maths Teacher
  • Miss A Ryduchowska - Maths Teacher

As mathematicians we aim to ignite a love of solving problems. These can include how much interest will be gained on the money in your bank account or what the cost will be to carpet your bedroom floor. We will teach you the skills and knowledge needed to solve these problems. This will include the key mathematical concepts, the formulas that need to be learnt and applied as well as examples of how similar problems can be solved.   

Our Year 7 and 8 curriculum will provide a solid understanding of the key foundations of mathematics. These ideas are then expanded on in Years 9, 10 and 11, with a significant amount of time allocated to revision and practicing exam technique.  

Maths is split into 6 main areas. These include Number (fractions, decimals, percentages, indices, standard form …), Algebra (expressions, equations, formulae, graphs, sequences, inequalities …), Rates of change (ratios, proportion, compound interest, density, pressure, speed …), Shape (area, volume, angles, constructions, transformations …) Probability (listing outcomes, tree diagrams, Venn diagrams, relative frequency ...) and Statistics (averages, displaying data in charts and diagrams, comparing and analysing data …). 

There are two paths at GCSE, foundation (grades 1-5) or higher (grades 4-9). Your teacher will select the most appropriate route based on what we think will enable you to achieve the highest grade. Following your GCSEs we offer A Level Maths, Core Maths and A Level Further Maths in the sixth form. 

Exam Boards

GCSE Maths - Edexcel  

A Level Maths - Edexcel  

A Level Further Maths - Edexcel

Core Maths - AQA

Useful websites for Maths 

  • - Watch the video examples, try the exam questions for each topic with mark schemes for each. There are also past papers, specimen papers and sample papers. There are A Level materials available. 
  •  - Lessons and exam questions. Create an account for free! Excellent resources to stretch you. There are lots of A Level materials available including Further Maths. 
  •  - Try a 5 a day challenge, practice questions for each topic, watch video examples or try one of their predicted papers. There are A Level materials available. 
  •  - Homework for years 7 – 10 is set on here. Login is sted and the school password is prime. Use your individual login to access your homework. There are also lessons and tasks for each topic. There are A Level materials available. 
  •  - Lots of lessons, exam questions and worksheets. Lots of A Level material.  


Curriculum Summary

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