Super Learning Days

Year 7 Retreat Day

Students participated in a wonderful opportunity to work, pray and reflect together. Each year 7 student had the opportunity to participate in:

  • Music preparation for the mass

  • Mary’s retreat

  • Campionities are forever

  • Meditation and prayer

The retreat day culminated with a beautiful mass celebrated in the Abbey Church. Both students and parents commented on how reverent the service was.

Year 8 Business Enterprise Day

In true Apprentice style, students in year 8 were divided into nine teams. Each team had a product to make and sell at the end of the school day. Before the teams could begin their product make they has to design it, market it and calculate the cost of the raw materials and then sale price to make a profit. Teams made cakes, sold bracelets and bangles, printed shopping bags and sewed pom poms. One team created superb canvas art; some real masterpieces. The team who made the canvas’ made the most profit at the end of the day. Well done to Mr Roche’s team.

Year 9 Careers - World of Work Day

Year 9 students got a real taste of the world of work. They looked at the skills needed to be a good worker and even practiced the questions that would be asked during interviews. They completed the ‘guess my job’ quiz and looked at what qualifications and skills would be needed to work in these professions. Students wrote letters to younger students giving them advice on how to work hard at school; showing skills in resilience, organisation and communication. An excellent day Year 9.

Year 10 Careers - Finance Day

Year 10 teams competed against the stock market and against the other teams in the room, creating an exciting and enjoyable group activity. Playing against the clock makes the learning experience effective and rewarding and enhances the development of skills such as team-working and communication. The combined effect of players' actions in the game and their responses in the hall environment created a truly immersive learning experience. The winning year 10 team was the group to make the most money after starting the game with $15 000. We certainly have some budding stock marketers of the future. 

Year 11 Teambuilding Day

Teambuilding Day at the Pioneer centre and at Sutton Park.

Post 16 Safeguarding Day

As part of our on going safeguarding programme Post 16 students watched an excellent presentation on ‘Healthy Relationships’ by the theatre production company Loudmouth. This was followed by thought provoking workshops and activities.

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