Physical Education

The Physical Education Department 

  • Mrs M Smith – Head of Faculty 
  • Mr S Finnigan – Learning Leader Physical Education 
  • Mr M Harris – PE Teacher and Learning Leader of Vocational Qualifications 
  • Mr R Morris – PE Teacher and Head of Year 9
  • Mr P Lees – PE Teacher and Assistant Leader of Vocational Qualifications 
  • Mrs L Adams – PE Teacher and Head of Year 10
  • Ms C Porter – PE Teacher and Head of Year 10
  • Ms M Rochford – PE Teacher and DofE Coordinator

Curriculum Intent

In Physical Education we seek to develop a love of participation in physical activity and the physical confidence to participate in all forms of sport. Kretchmar notes that participation makes ‘our lives go better, not just longer.’ Therefore, we want this confidence and enjoyment to grow with pupils, so that they understand how to lead long, active and healthy lives.   Our focus on physical activity permeates our whole Physical Education curriculum as does the life skills that Physical Education teaches such as cooperation, discipline, communication and teamwork. The development of physical, social and emotional well-being is woven throughout our learning journey.   Our engaging and challenging curriculum provides a gateway into the world of physical activity and sport. Pupils will experience a broad and balanced range of sporting activities.  We know Physical Education has the power to reduce inequalities and we want all students to feel they have acquired the skills to experience success.

Key Stage 3

Our core curriculum involves the following activities which we progress throughout the key stage, where they have the opportunity to develop their skills, techniques, knowledge, tactics, strategies and performance in:

Swimming (Year 7 only – 12 week block), Badminton, Netball, Football, Invasion, Fitness, Creative, Orienteering, Rugby, Athletics (track and field), Rounders, Softball

Key Stage 4


We continue to offer a core curriculum in Key Stage 4 which gives our students the opportunities to develop the activities from Key stage 3, as above, where students refine the skills and knowledge taught by performing in both conditioned and full games. Students have 3 lessons per fortnight.

In examination PE in Key Stage 4 we offer 3 pathways over two years with 5 lessons per fortnight:

GCSE PE - Component 1 – Fitness and Body Systems (exam), Component 2 – Health and performance (exam), Component 3 – Practical Sport (3 sports) and Component 4 – Personal Exercise Programme (coursework)

OCR Cambridge National Sports Studies – Module 1 - Contemporary Issues in Sport (exam unit). The following units are coursework based. Module 2 - Outdoor Activities, Module 3 – Developing sports skills, Module 4 – Sports Leadership.

BTEC Sport – Three modules are studied over the two years

Investigating provisions for sport including equipment and facilities to enhance sport (Coursework)

Planning and delivery of sport drills and sessions (Coursework)

Fitness for sport including fitness testing and methodology (Exam unit)


OCR Cambridge Nationals Sports Studies

Unit 1 - Performance and Leadership in Sports Activities

Unit 2 - Increasing Awareness of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Unit 3 - Contemporary Issues in Sport

Key Stage 5

In Key Stage 5 we offer the BTEC National foundation diploma in Sport which is equivalent to 1.5 A levels. Students have 13 hours per fortnight to study this course, and cover the following units:

Unit 1: Anatomy and Physiology

Unit 2: Fitness training and Programming for Health, Sport and well-being

Unit 3: professional development in the sports industry

Unit 4: Sports Leaders

Unit 5: Application of Fitness Testing

Unit 6: Sports Psychology

Unit 8: Coaching for Performance

7 units of which 4 are mandatory and 2 are external.  Mandatory content (67%), External assessment (44%)



Please see the links below for further information on these individual courses. 

Exam Board GCSE Edexcel 

Exam Board BTEC Level 2 Sport and Leisure 

Exam Board Cambridge National Sport 

Exam Board BTEC level 3 

Curriculum SummaryLEARNING JOURNEY

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