Physical Education

The Physical Education Department 

  • Mrs M Smith – Head of Faculty 
  • Mr S Finnigan – Learning Leader Physical Education 
  • Mr M Harris – PE Teacher and Learning Leader of Vocational Qualifications 
  • Mr R Morris – PE Teacher and Head of Year 9
  • Mr P Lees – PE Teacher and Assistant Leader of Learning Qualifications 
  • Mrs L Adams – PE Teacher and Head of Year 10
  • Ms C Porter – PE Teacher and Head of Year 10
  • Ms M Rochford – PE Teacher and DofE Coordinator

The Physical Education department at St Edmund Campion School believes in a commitment to allow the greatest number of opportunities, for the greatest number of pupils, in the greatest number of sports possible.   

We deliver a broad, multifaceted curriculum and enrichment programme that is not influenced by gender, social or economic bias. The aim of Physical Education at St Edmund Campion School is to instil lifelong engagement in sport, and to embed an understanding of the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle and Physical, mental wellbeing. In this regard, we are committed to developing an environment in which pupils work outside of their comfort zone, utilising new opportunities and embracing mistakes and misconceptions as a method of improvement.  

Our department is one that prides itself on being revolutionary as opposed to reactionary, and high standards are embedded within all areas. The department has structured cross curricular links that are fed down through both practical and theoretical contexts.   

Pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding throughout key stage 3 and 4, in a broad range of sports which include; Swimming, Netball, Football, Badminton, Handball, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Rugby, Basketball, Table Tennis, Rounders, Athletics, Softball, cricket, orienteering. Not only will pupils have the opportunity to develop their skills, but also their tactical and technical understanding of each activity. 

In Key stage 4 pupils will then have the opportunity to further develop their PE knowledge and performance. We have a range of options for pupils to choose from in order to suit their learning needs, such as; GCSE PE (Edexcel), BTEC Tech Award in Sport (Pearson’s) or Cambridge National in sport (OCR). 

In Key stage 5, students have the opportunity to embark on our BTEC Level 3 National Extended certificate in sport. 

Please see the links below for further information on these individual courses. 

Exam Board GCSE Edexcel 

Exam Board BTEC Level 2 Sport and Leisure 

Exam Board Cambridge National Sport 

Exam Board BTEC level 3 

Curriculum Summary

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