Psychology Department   

  • Miss Meisura – Psychology Teacher 

Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour.  We are all amateur psychologists, every time we try and work out why someone acted the way they did or try to predict how someone might behave or react. Psychology tries to answer these questions by investigating them in a more scientific manner.  The two year A level course gives students a taster of the many topics that psychology has to offer. The units studied are: 

  • Social Influence – Looking at how our social groups can change our behaviours, questioning how independent we really are.  

  • Memory – In this topic we study factors that make our memories unreliable and look at how memory ‘works’.  

  • Attachment – This area of child psychology considers the importance of the bond between an infant and its caregiver.  

  • Psychopathology – Focusing on OCD, phobias and depression.  

  • Schizophrenia – Considering the definition, causes and treatments of the disorder.  

  • Forensic psychology – This topic looks at criminology based topics including offender profiling, causes of offending behaviour and rehabilitation.  

  • Relationships - This topic covers how biology and society has shaped attraction, explanations for relationship formation and breakdown including virtual relationships.  

  • Approaches in Psychology – This unit gives you an overview of the history of psychology and considers different approaches to studying human behaviour.  

  • Research Methods – In this unit you will learn about how psychologists carry out their research and analyse their data.  

  • Issues and Debates in Psychology – This is a synoptic unit looking at key themes in the topics studied such as nature vs nurture and determinism vs free will. 

Exam Board A Level Psychology AQA  


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