Travel And Tourism

Travel And Tourism

  • Mr P Lees – Teacher and Vocational Co-ordinator. 

As a subject we want to expand pupil’s horizons, showing them there is more to the world than their direct locality.  An effective way of showing pupils what is on offer is an engaging, practical (vocational) program where pupils get to appreciate and understand wider subject matter within the course - That’s where travel and tourism comes in. 

Pupil’s will look at several influences in the sector and develop this understanding through research, visit and written/examined content.  Firstly, how the travel business works in component one is essential knowledge as this is the supply chain that meets the demand.  This section enables students to demonstrate cross-curricular skills that link to business and geographical factors enabling them to discuss economic considerations of the role.   

Secondly, understanding influences on travel using the UK as a working example.  Within this area pupils will gather an appreciation of the factors that influence the selection of holidays, activities and trips and identifies who goes there, for what purpose and who with.  Using the UK economy gives the real vocational touch with the possibility of field visits to reinforce that learning. 

Thirdly comes customer needs in travel and tourism.  This considers the strategic element of the sector and how keeping up with current trends and creating contemporary holidays keep customers happy and businesses in, well, business. 

Edexcel Exam board BTEC tech award level 1/2 

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