The Art Department 

  • Mrs Rouse – Head of Art 
  • Mrs L Logan - Teacher of Art


In the Art department, we strongly believe Art is fundamental element to the development of a range of skills such as; self-expression, creativity, independence, problem-solving, critical-thinking, confidence, autonomy and many more, which enhance all student’s growth at secondary level, from year 7 onwards. We aspire to strengthen and cultivate all our students’ interests within the creatives through a range of specialisms and media, whilst nurturing their abilities towards academic success in GCSE and A-Level. We encourage our students to become their own artist and truly connect with the work they are conceptually creating, alongside learning traditional to contemporary artists and a range of cultures and periods, within different societies. We appreciate all levels of ability, style and aesthetic within Art and believe every student has something unique to offer, whilst guided through within the forefront of secondary art education. We begin our curriculum in Year 7 with a focus on Culture, participating in a range of inspired work including; Mehndi, Celtic, Aboriginal, Egyptian and Native American. In Year 8, students move on to a more refined study of skills within the formal elements through Habitual Projects such as; Insects, Rainforest, Street Art and Perspectives. In Year 9, students will focus on establishing, embedding and enhancing skills within a range of media, suitable for GCSE level, in a Food project. Students who wish to opt for GCSE studies will begin a Portraiture Project in Year 10 and move on to their individual chosen themes for Mock projects in Year 11, before the examination project in January. Students are submitted into the AQA Fine Art GCSE Course and the Edexcel A-Level. 


Exam Board GCSE Art. AQA - Fine Art 8202 

Exam Board A-Level Art, Edexcel -Fine Art Pathway 9FAO 

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