The Art Department 

  • Mrs Rouse – Head of Art 
  • Mrs L Logan - Teacher of Art


Art embraces diversity and teaches young people to be tolerant and well informed about different cultures, traditions and current affairs in society.  The opportunity for students to express their own views, ideas and opinions in response to a theme ensures that their emotional and personal well-being is nurtured.  We want our students to be confident, to have positive self-esteem, self-worth and to be well-rounded young people.  


In our department, students will improve both their technical competency with a range of media alongside investigating and developing a range of ideas and concepts that have been inspired by different sources.  Students should enjoy making mistakes and learn to see these as an important part of the developmental artistic process.  We hope that by the time students have completed their Art course at SEC they understand the balance between aesthetics, ideas, expression, function and purpose.  We feel that the skills and knowledge that students acquire in Art are transferable to most subjects and jobs and we aim to ensure that our students see the importance of studying Art and Design.


The projects that students undertake within art involve responding to a brief or a set theme, setting individual themes and using personal, societal, present or historical experiences along with using their imagination to inform ideas and outcomes.  Skills and concepts increase in complexity and build upon prior learning at each key stage. 


In Year 7 students explore decorative pattern-based art to understand more about shape, line, colour, pattern, texture and tone.  Students explore work from different cultures and regions in the world. This teaches tolerance and respect about diverse approaches and traditions.  Students use both 2D and 3D mixed media to explore different processes and techniques.


In Year 8 students add to their formal elements repertoire by exploring proportion, scale, structure, form and composition. Students explore natural forms through the study of insects and animals and their habitats. Students record detailed observational studies to build their proficiency in drawing, painting and observational skills.  They also explore printmaking techniques and papier-mâché techniques to understand both 2D and 3D processes. A range of artwork is analysed so that students can obtain inspiration from numerous sources.


In Year 9 students explore career related projects through the use of perspective and book illustration techniques.  Architects, engineers, interior designers and other creative industry professionals use technical drawing and perspective drawing techniques; these are explored in the perspective project.  Illustration and visual storytelling techniques are studied in the book illustration project.  Students also gain knowledge about the formal elements of perspective, depth, space, movement, unity and contrast. A range of work by artists and designers is analysed to inform student practice and students have the opportunity to draw upon their own interests and identity to personalise their responses.


In Year 10 students compete a portraiture project as part of their AQA Fine Art portfolio. They take part in an Art trip to The New Art Gallery in Walsall, where students can learn first-hand from practising artists in practical workshops.  A range of starting points, artist studies, observational drawings, planning and experimentation processes are recorded through student sketchbooks before individual and personal responses are presented.  We encourage student outcomes to be different and personal.


In Year 11 students undertake a mock exam project from September to December so that they are confident when dealing with an exam timeframe and exam paper brief. Students complete mock exam preparatory work in sketchbooks before completing a final piece under mock exam conditions.  In January students are given the real exam paper and have four months to complete a preparatory project from the theme/title they choose before completing a final piece within the 10-hour exam. 


In Year 12 and 13 students at SEC complete practical work and supporting studies in sketchbooks as part of the two-year Fine Art A Level with Edexcel. Students complete both personally set projects and mock exam/real exam projects responding to a set title.  They build upon prior learning, applying and extending skills and concepts that they have explored earlier in the curriculum.  Students also explore new techniques, methods and concepts that are of interest to them. 



Exam Boards

GCSE Art: AQA - Fine Art 8202


A-Level Art: Edexcel - Fine Art 9FAO


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