Child Development

The Child Development Department 

  • Mr M Harris- Head of Faculty 
  • Mrs S Parry- Health & Social Care/Child Development Teacher 


Within the study of Child Development, we aim to nurture the students interest and passion for the subject, facilitating the enhancement of their knowledge and understanding. The design of the curriculum will challenge students to exceed their perceived limits, to think analytically about how children develop and how development is impacted and supported by play and other external influences. 

Students will learn how young children develop skills and abilities at different rates, although they usually follow the same pattern of development. This curriculum will develop your knowledge and understanding of children’s growth and development across five areas of development – physical, intellectual, communication and language, social, and emotional. Within their studies, students will look at the different stages of play that children experience between birth and five years old and how play can be structured by adults to encourage and influence learning. The curriculum will look at play opportunities that adults can provide for children in community settings, in the home and in early years settings. Utilising this, student will consider how specific activities and resources can promote learning across the five areas of development. Work completed will develop the theoretical and practical skills to plan activities that encourage children to learn and develop. 

Students will select Child Development as part of their optional programme of study at KS4. The curriculum design is such, that key areas of subject development flow seamlessly into further optional study at KS5. 


Exam board BTEC Level 2 Tech Award 

Curriculum Summary

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