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Message from the Headteacher

11 February 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

This week we welcomed several Catholic schools within Birmingham to the maths challenge event. It was the first time that the Birmingham Catholic Partnership had been able to hold such an event in over two years. It was wonderful to see so many year 7 pupils competing in the challenge and well done to our four participants.

Thank you to all the year 9 parents who attended last week’s options/parents evening. I hope you found it useful. The booklet and options form can be found here on our website if you need it although please bear in mind that the deadline is today: options-1 If you do need to speak to someone about your son or daughter’s options then please speak with Mr Hussey.

This week’s assemblies have been focussed on safer internet use. Mrs Fleming’s excellent assembly focussed on a pupil’s internet profile and mature use of the internet and social media. This link on the safer internet website is useful if you want more information as a parent about this subject:

As we approach the end of this half term a few things to bear in mind.

  • After half term there are a few exam seasons. Firstly, year 11s will be sitting their next round of mock exams the first week back so it is important they are well prepared for them. The first day of the exams is on Monday 28th February which is a teacher training day. We will only be requiring year 11 in school on that day.
  • Year 10 and 12 assessments are a few weeks later.

Finally, please use the half term break to ensure that uniform is up to date and that your child has their fully stocked pencil case. These can be bought from the main office for £5

Dear Father in heaven, grant your Spirit to us, your children.

May something from you be revealed on earth so that divine strength and divine truth, not what is only human, are with us in all we do. Keep courage alive in our hearts even when things look dark. May powers of peace and healing be revealed through us because you are near and your kingdom is all around us.

You can do all things, also things beyond our understanding. With your help we do what we are able, but we cannot do what you do. We trust in you, and we believe that through your power and your Spirit you will take possession of our whole lives and the lives of the many who sigh in their hearts for absolute truth.


Kind Regards


Mr A. Grant

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