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Message from the Headteacher

18 February 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

We come to the end of another half term and it certainly has been a very busy and productive one. We’ve had parents’ evenings and options evenings, mock exams, key stage 3 assessments, Maths Challenges, various sports events, super learning days, vaccinations and Covid testing programmes just to list a few things. I must say a big thank you to all the staff as it has been a trying term with Covid absences causing problems and the staff have, as always, stepped up magnificently so that we have been able to keep operational and able to keep all the children in school.

It is very likely that the rules around isolation will be changing from the end of February and therefore, there will be changes for pupils on return from half term. Over the next week, once we have a better understanding of the implications of this, we will send some information out to you via ParentMail. In the meantime, if your child does test positive over the half term week please let school know by emailing Mrs Fleming at

Next term we will be having a big focus on attendance. Whilst the majority of pupils attend school regularly and we thank parents for ensuring this, there are an identified cohort of pupils whose attendance is a cause for concern. Can I remind all parents that the only reasons pupils should be off school are as follows:

• Sickness, vomiting and/or diarrhoea

• High fever (38ºC or above)

•Medical appointments (evidence should be provided for this and pupils should return to school once the appointment has finished)

Over half term please can you ensure that your children have everything they need for school. This includes full correct uniform and equipment (including calculators). Ties, pencil cases and calculators can all be bought from school.

Please also be aware that after half term the only entrance to school will be the entrance on Orphanage Rd (except for 6th form).

Next term will be a busy one for year 11 and 13 as we lead up to the summer exam season. Mock exams will be happening as soon as we get back (in fact, year 11 have exams on Monday 28th February during our teacher training day). There will also be a face to face parents evening close to the Easter break and period 6 lessons will be resuming after the half term break.

Ash Wednesday is on 2nd March and this marks the beginning of Lent. All pupils will be given the opportunity to receive the ashes during this day.

Lord our God, our loving Father, we thank you for all that our hearts and spirits are allowed to receive from you. We thank you for the community you give us, strengthening us to face life even through toil, struggle, and privation. Grant that your powers flow out to give us strength and courage. May we see and recognize you in your deeds ever more clearly. Do not let us faint or grow weary, no matter what we have to suffer. Grant that your Spirit may penetrate us ever more deeply to bring peace to us and those around us, and finally to bring blessing for all peoples of the earth. Amen.

I hope you all have a wonderful half term break and we look forward to seeing your children back in school on Tuesday 1st March (except year 11: see you on the 28th).

Kind Regards

Mr A. Grant

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