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Message from the Headteacher

15 July 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

This will be the last newsletter of the academic year and next week I will be sending out my end of year letter. Apologies we were unable to send out the newsletter last week.

These last two weeks have been full of celebration of our young people and their many talents. The year 11 Prom last Thursday was a wonderful occasion and it was lovely to see the year 11s dressed up and having lots of fun. The photos will be on the website shortly and we will send out a link to them when they are up.

Thursday and Friday saw our trips days and sports days. We hold these over two days which means we are able to include our year 10s in the sports day, something that many schools are unable to do. The second day is taking place today and if it is anything like yesterday both the trips day and sports day will be joyous occasions. It is wonderful again to see so much sporting talent on display. A huge thank you to all the staff involved in both events especially to those responsible for organising the events. You can’t imagine the administrative undertaking involved in organising such things!

On Wednesday we celebrated our first Cultural Day in school. Seeing so many pupils celebrating and showing off their heritage and culture made me very proud once more to be the Principal of this wonderfully diverse community.

You will no doubt be aware that Monday and Tuesday are going to be extremely hot. It is vital that pupils bring their water bottles in to school and fill them up during the day. We would also encourage them to wear hats when they are outside and to apply sunscreen as necessary. We have also decided that pupils can wear their PE kit to school on Monday and Tuesday.

I will leave you with this prayer for diversity:

Dear God,

We thank you for our school community and for the diversity of culture and heritage that makes up our school.

We celebrate the ways in which we are different. Thank you that you have made each of us a one-off, and that you love us.

Our fingerprints are a reminder that we are unique.

Help us to value and celebrate the uniqueness of others.

Help us to be comfortable with difference and to remember that deep down, we are all the same on the inside and are all created in your image.

Help us to be tolerant, understanding and accepting.

Help us never to think that discrimination, hatred or prejudice is OK.

Give us the courage to challenge any prejudices we may hold.

Help us to be open to becoming and growing more tolerant.


Kind Regards

Mr A. Grant

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