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08 October 2021

Consent forms were given to all eligible pupils on Thursday for parents to complete.

Parents need to complete and sign the form to say either Yes or No to the vaccine. ALL forms must be returned to school as soon as possible so they can be sent to the school nurse team in order for them to process them in time for the vaccines on 4th November.

A reminder that it is your choice whether you consent, school are just facilitating the process. Please read all of the guidance sent out to you previously and discuss fully with your child. School staff will be with them on the day to support the process as we do with all vaccination programmes in school

The vaccine is for all pupils who are 12 years old on the 4th November and pupils up to 15 years old on the 4th November. Anyone under 12 will not be offered the vaccine at this stage and pupils 16 or over can now book their own vaccinations on line.

Many thanks

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