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Stand Up Human Rights Conference

01 October 2021

Last week, Sixth Form students were given the opportunity to take part in the virtual Stand Up Human Rights Conference. We joined students and schools from across the country to explore racial inequality, learn from those affected by it and take action to build a fairer future. The conference centred around racism and equality. It had a diverse number of speakers all of whom told us about their experiences with racism and being discriminated against. Each speaker had a strong and powerful message behind their speeches, which was very moving and empowering and created a desire for change. A lot of these stories were filled with sorrow of how their lives changed due to inequality but each speaker was clear that there is room for change and a better world. The event was also interactive with us being able to ask the speakers questions on their heroes, the advice they would give, whether they are hopeful about the future and what made them want to step forward and stand up for what they believe in. It was a powerful experience, to hear the experiences of those who have been through so much and has made us determined to be better allies.

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