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Important Safeguarding information

23 April 2021

We have received important information today from the police about a disturbing rumour going around on TikTok.


There are rumours that people were naming April 24th as a day to plan to rape as many girls as they can.


This is being treated as a hoax by the police. This appears to have been designed to cause fear and distress and to play on serious genuine concerns regarding sexual assault.


 A TikTok spokesperson has stated: “Keeping our community safe is our priority and we do not tolerate content that promotes or glorifies non-consensual sexual acts including rape and sexual assault. While we have not found evidence on our platform of any videos related to this subject, our safety team is remaining vigilant and we will remove content that violates our policies.”


Whilst we all acknowledge that the internet and all social media is a wonderful tool for us all to have in our lives, it is at times like this that you realise how it can also be used for extreme harm in many ways.


Please speak to your sons and daughters about this and if they have heard about it, reassure them that it is a hoax. You need to continue to be vigilant with the sites that your children use and monitor their usage appropriately.


If you do need any further advice please contact me at school directly.

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