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COVID 19 Reminders

26 March 2021

Wearing of Masks

Can parents/carers please ensure that your child does have a mask (and spares if possible) for use in school. It is really important that we follow all the current guidelines. Masks are expected to be worn in communal areas and in lessons now unless they are exempt. Your support is appreciated.

Lateral Flow Testing

Please continue to use the Lateral Flow tests every Wednesday and Sunday and report your test results to test and trace and on the Google form to school. This should be done throughout the Easter holiday as well.

Just to clarify for you:

If the test is negative - just report as above.

If it is a void reading, report the void result but then complete another Lateral Flow test and then report that result as well and complete the Google form.

If it is a positive test result report as above and then you need to arrange for a PCR test to confirm the result and record on the Google form as well.

ANY POSITIVE COVID result must be reported to school as soon as possible by notifying Mrs Fleming on or on my mobile number 07584494379.

The Lateral Flow testing is working and we do appreciate your support.

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