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Microsoft Teams

13 November 2020

Thank you to those of you who have double-checked that your child can access Microsoft Teams from home.  It is really important that they make a note of their password and username and are prepared if they have to self-isolate. We want their experience of Remote Learning to be as smooth as possible.

Students have their own passwords and if they have forgotten these they need to visit ICT Support and get them reset. If you need further support with Remote Learning, please email and we will contact you.  

A reminder that their school email consists of their surname, the first letter of their first name and the year they started St Edmund Campion. For example:  Peter Maxwell in year 8 would be 

Year 7: Year 8:

Year 9: Year 10:

Year 11:

  1. If your child’s whole class is sent home to isolate then they will receive a mixture of live lessons and set assignments throughout the isolation period.  Work submitted through Microsoft Teams will be acknowledged and work will be marked in accordance with our departmental feedback policies
  2. If you child is identified as a traceable contact and their class has not been set home we will set assignments via Microsoft Teams for them to complete.   We will also post out a self-isolation pack of work for them to work through.
  3. A register is downloaded after all live lessons and attendance is compulsory.  Your son/daughter will receive an email link and it will appear on their Teams calendar.  They will take place at the same time as their usual scheduled lessons.

Online Protocols

We have shared with all pupils the following online protocols. Pupils must:

•Always show respect to staff and each other online

•Ensure that language is appropriate for school

•Arrive on time to each live scheduled lesson and be fully equipped to learn

•Turn their cameras off

•Follow staff instructions immediately, raising their hand in Microsoft Teams, waiting for attention and working in silence when asked to do so

•Mute their microphones to avoid any background sound disturbing the lesson

To support our safeguarding procedures, the chat and call functions on Teams have been disabled for all pupils.  Teachers will turn these on when they want students to answer questions.

If you have any questions or require further support in accessing Microsoft Teams, please send an email to and we will contact you.

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