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The Catholic Life of Our School - The Baptism of the Lord

10 January 2020

As soon as Jesus was baptised he saw the Spirit of God coming down on him.”

In the life of the Church, it is remarkable how fast we move from the birth of Jesus to his baptism by John. In some ways, it is not too dissimilar to our own baptisms.  I was baptised within two weeks of being born. In essence time is relative. In reality this event in time sets as a starting point the development of our relationship with The Holy Trinity. St Luke in the Acts of the Apostles puts it beautifully: “The truth I have now come to realise” he said “is that God does not have favourites, but that anybody of any nationality who fears God and does what is right is acceptable to him.”

Canon David Oakley

Our community here at St Edmund Campion wish to express our delight at the news that Canon David is to become the next Bishop of Northampton. God has called from our community a priest to be a bishop.

Please pray for Canon David.

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