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  • Envision at St Edmund Campion Catholic School

    Envision at St Edmund Campion Catholic School
    15th May 2019

    Year 9 students announced the WINNING TEAM of the Community Apprentice programme after presenting to a panel of professionals. On Friday 10th May, a group of 12 students from Year 9 completed and won Envision’s Community-Apprentice competition. Team Street Doctors Jr. have been supporting the charity Street Doctors, a local charity which change lives by giving young people the skills and confidence to deliver lifesaving first aid, particularly in the event of stabbings. Read More

  • AVFC KICKS – Outstanding Turn Out Campionites!

    AVFC KICKS – Outstanding Turn Out Campionites!
    3rd May 2019

    Aston Villa are providing an after-school club for year 7 and 8 students this term. There was an outstanding turn out of boys and girls for the first session which took place on Monday. The coaches from AVFC were very impressed with the talent on display not only in ability, but attitude and politeness. Read More

  • Holland 2019 – Top Team Takes Trophy!

    Holland 2019 – Top Team Takes Trophy!
    3rd May 2019

    Campion U13a team took the Easter Open in Holland by storm with a dazzling display of quick fire passing, pressing and non-stop running which eared them many plaudits from opposing teams and fans. The team set off with the intention of a top eight finish but far exceeded their aims and in the process did themselves proud. The opening fixture was against home side De Zwaluw, a large crowd gathered with beaming smiles to cheer their team to victory. It wasn’t long until the smiles turned to frowns as the Campion boys took control of the game and began to push their opponents further and further back into their own half. Read More

  • Catholic Life Of Our School

    Catholic Life Of Our School
    3rd May 2019

    Simon son of John, do you love me? Three times in this Sunday’s Gospel Jesus asks Simon does he loves him. Three times he says yes. Then comes the command, order, invitation, ‘feed my sheep.’ Pope Francis leaves us in no doubt as to his expectations of all who say yes to Christ. He calls for active participation. Read More

  • A Message From Mrs Steele

    A Message From Mrs Steele
    12th April 2019

    There has been much activity in preparation for the GCSE, BTEC and A Level examinations. It is vital that your son/daughter attends any relevant booster revision sessions over the Easter Holiday to ensure they are fully prepared. In addition, it would be very helpful if you could ensure that your son/daughter revises thoroughly over the holidays to prepare for the examinations whilst also having quality family time. Read More

  • A Message From Mr Grant

    A Message From Mr Grant
    12th April 2019

    It is a great honour for me to have been appointed the next Headteacher of St Edmund Campion School from September 2019 and I hope I can do justice in succeeding Mrs Steele. I am very grateful for her support and guidance over the years and I know you will agree with me that she has been instrumental in making this school the fantastic place it is. Read More

  • Impressive Interviewers

    Impressive Interviewers
    12th April 2019

    Last week, six of our students participated in the selection process for our new Headteacher. Lily Churchley, Sylvia Anyanaso, Shahidur Topadar, Ming Cen, Orianna McDonald and Aiden Powell were selected because of their outstanding school record in all areas. They met prior to the interviews to consider the importance of the Headteacher’s role and they identified key qualities that they felt were essential in candidates for the position. Read More

  • Sixth Form Envision

    Sixth Form Envision
    12th April 2019

    The Sixth Form Envision students proudly presented their pitches to Mrs Steele and School Governors to judge which team would be taken to the next stage of the Boardroom Challenge to compete against other teams across Birmingham for the coveted title of Envision Champions 2019. Their projects on making the most impact to community health were summarised and shared with the judging panel. Read More

  • Year 10 Business Students Attend University College Birmingham

    Year 10 Business Students Attend University College Birmingham
    12th April 2019

    A group of our Year 10 Business students attended University College Birmingham on Wednesday 10th April, to undertake a business “have a go” session. This allowed the students the opportunity to discuss contemporary business issues that are in need of a resolution. The students presented ideas ranging from solar power to social issues. The winning team devised a campaign to tackle “period poverty” through the design of a improved sanitary system for schools and organisations to implement to support female employees/students. Read More

  • Passion Sunday

    Passion Sunday
    12th April 2019

    The Processional Gospel from Luke sees Jesus send the disciples to bring him a colt. A colt is a male horse under four years of age. Was it this that caused the Jews to sing, “Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord!” They had waited so long for the Messiah and now in unison they acclaim, “Peace in heaven and glory in the highest heavens.” Read More