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  • Envision – The Character To Succeed!

    Envision – The Character To Succeed!
    9th June 2019

    Students from St Edmund Campion have made it through to the finals of Birmingham’s Community-Apprentice this year. 10 teams from schools across the city have taken part in the competition this year and Team Motiv8 were the lucky team from St Edmund Campion who have made it to the final. Read More

  • Catholic Life Of Our School

    Catholic Life Of Our School
    9th June 2019

    There is nothing better than receiving a gift from another. It gives one that sense of warmth, excitiment, love. Today the Church celebrates the promised Gift of the Holy Spirit. God equally gives this gift to each and everyone of us. How beautiful and inclusive are St Paul’s words this Sunday. Read More

  • Messages From Our Sixth Form Team

    Messages From Our Sixth Form Team
    29th May 2019

    We are very pleased with how well the Sixth Form students have prepared for and have conducted themselves in their exams so far. All Sixth Form students have been emailed a copy of the half term booster timetable. We wish all students a productive half term, ready for the challenges and success the next few weeks will bring. Last week we said goodbye to our Year 13 students in a beautiful mass celebrated by Fr Joe. Read More

  • Catholic Life Of Our School

    Catholic Life Of Our School
    29th May 2019

    This week in school our Year 7’s took part in our May Procession in honour of Our Lady. Being Wednesday we focused on the Glorious Mysteries, The Crowning of Our Lady Queen of Heaven. Mrs Steele placed the crown on Our Lady’s head as we prayed a decade of the rosary and sang Hail Queen of Heaven. Read More

  • Fr Hudson's Mass

    Fr Hudson's Mass
    21st May 2019

    On Tuesday 21st May, eight of our students travelled with Mrs Brodie to St Chad's Cathedral, in Birmingham, to take part in the Fr Hudson's Mass and present our school cheque for the money we raised for Fr Hudsons! Thank you to all our children and parents who contributed during the lentern charities to support those who are less fortunate than ourselves! Read More

  • National Numeracy Day

    National Numeracy Day
    20th May 2019

    This Wednesday was National Numeracy Day and the Maths department marked the day by running a competition for year 7 and 8 to celebrate. Pupils busily tried to solve four challenging problems during break and lunchtime and handed their answers in by the end of the day. Read More

  • Exam Season – One Week Down!

    Exam Season – One Week Down!
    20th May 2019

    Well done to all our year 11 and post 16 students for their conduct and professionalism during their exams this week. It has been impressive to see. Good luck and keep it up. Please keep all our students who are sitting exams in your prayers during this time over the next few weeks. I think we can all appreciate the challenges they face at this time. Read More

  • Catholic Life Of Our School

    Catholic Life Of Our School
    20th May 2019

    This Sunday Jesus is offerieng us the simplest yet most profound challenge to love one another. He doesn’t expect us to work this out by ourselves. He instructs us to love as he has loved. He is our role model, our Christ, our Saviour. We pray this week to be strong and resilient in fulfilling this command. Read More

  • Envision at St Edmund Campion Catholic School

    Envision at St Edmund Campion Catholic School
    20th May 2019

    Year 9 students announced the WINNING TEAM of the Community Apprentice programme after presenting to a panel of professionals. On Friday 10th May, a group of 12 students from Year 9 completed and won Envision’s Community-Apprentice competition. Team Street Doctors Jr. have been supporting the charity Street Doctors, a local charity which change lives by giving young people the skills and confidence to deliver lifesaving first aid, particularly in the event of stabbings. Read More

  • Holland Trip 2019

    Holland Trip 2019
    20th May 2019

    Campion U13a team took the Easter Open in Holland by storm with a dazzling display of quick fire passing, pressing and non-stop running which eared them many plaudits from opposing teams and fans. The team set off with the intention of a top eight finish but far exceeded their aims and in the process did themselves proud. Read More