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  • Psychology Grade Booster Trip

    Psychology Grade Booster Trip
    8th April 2019

    The Year 13 Psychology students joined other A level Psychology students at Vue Cinema, Star City on Friday 29th March for an interactive grade booster workshop ahead of their upcoming exams. We worked through practice questions, shared answers with the audience, voted for best answers, tested our knowledge and gathered valuable tips on how to get the highest marks in the exams. Read More

  • Fifth Sunday of Lent

    Fifth Sunday of Lent
    8th April 2019

    The Gospel this Sunday is taken from John’s Gospel chapter 8. The main focus of this story isn’t necessarily the woman but Jesus. He is being tested yet again. The laws say; but what do you say? The woman is being led to be executed, just as Jesus himself will be led to the cross to die. In this moment of condemnation, he writes on the sand. He invites us to take our place among the crowd with the following words. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Read More

  • Pope Francis’ Intentions for April

    Pope Francis’ Intentions for April
    8th April 2019

    Doctors and their Collaborators in War Zones For doctors and their humanitarian collaborators in war zones, who risk their lives to save the lives of others. Archdiocese of Birmingham There are some wonderful prayer resources on the archdiocese website. I am including the address here for you to use. Read More

  • Year 8 STEM Event

    Year 8 STEM Event
    28th March 2019

    On Friday 22nd March a group of Year 8's including, Ming Cen; Lola Dunne; Katie Gilhooly, and Gregory Odiwa took part in a Science, Technology, Engineering & maths event (STEM). During the event, they competed against other schools in challenges where they had to use their creative and scientific minds to be successful. Read More

  • National Holocaust Centre Visit

    National Holocaust Centre Visit
    28th March 2019

    On the 15th March 25 year 8 pupils visited the National Holocaust Centre in Newark to build upon their historical knowledge of 1930s Germany and the Holocaust. At the start of the visit pupils received an introduction which encouraged them to focus on the role of the individual and the choices individuals made between 1933 and 1945. Read More

  • GCSE Geography Fieldwork

    GCSE Geography Fieldwork
    28th March 2019

    On Friday 15th March, the 64 Year 11 Geographers travelled to Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire to complete their second piece of fieldwork. Their aim was to explore how the characteristics of a river changed downstream – when back in school they had to analyse their results and compare it to what we have learnt in lesson. Read More

  • Year 7 Book Fest Trip

    Year 7 Book Fest Trip
    28th March 2019

    On Thursday 21st March, a group of Year 7 students had the opportunity to see the author and poet Michael Rosen perform some of his stories and poems at Birmingham Town Hall for World Poetry Day. The performance was packed full of hilarious tales from Rosen’s own childhood, and the former Children’s Laureate also shared some of his tips with the students on how to write great stories of their own. Read More

  • Sixth Form First Aid Training

    Sixth Form First Aid Training
    28th March 2019

    Following on from Year 12's success with their First Aid, Year 13 really embraced this vital training opportunity. Our trainer John Forgarty, a past Campion student, modelled and explained all ofthe skills superbly. All Year 13 students received their certificates and covered a wide range of topics including: Chocking, Chest Pains, Read More

  • Campion Girls Reach Quarter Cup Final!

    Campion Girls Reach Quarter Cup Final!
    28th March 2019

    After a long break off the girls were back in action in the quarter final of the cup. It was a very one sided game with campion having the majority of possession throughout the game. Unfortunately campion were let down by their finishing and couldn’t find the back of the net even though they had numerous chances in both halves. Read More

  • Fourth Sunday of Lent

    Fourth Sunday of Lent
    28th March 2019

    The Gospel this Sunday is one of the best-known parables of Jesus. Every student is our schools primary and secondary would have a go a telling this story and not leaving anything out. Rembrandt’s painting above was one of the last paintings he did before his death. Read More