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  • Catholic Life Of Our School

    Catholic Life Of Our School
    12th July 2019

    Sea Sunday ‘Who is my neighbour?’ What interpretation is needed here? If someone is in trouble no matter who they are, it is our duty to help them! Easy? You might think so, but the opposite is the case. So, let us try again. The instruction is straight forward, ‘Go, and do the same yourself.’ Read More

  • BMET College – Year 10 Visit

    BMET College – Year 10 Visit
    8th July 2019

    On Friday 28th June a group of year 10 students attended a taster day at BMet college. They were given the opportunity to test their skills in electrical work, plumbing, bricklaying and carpentry, and to get an idea of what college life would be like for them. Their behaviour thoughout the day was excellent and we received some very positive feedback from BMet staff. Thank you to Mrs Truman for her help during the day. Read More

  • Super Learning Day - 8V - #BinTheKnife

    Super Learning Day - 8V - #BinTheKnife
    8th July 2019

    Last Wednesday for their super learning day, Year 8V took part in a creative graffiti activity with Mr Roche. Their aim was to create a mural that would reflect an anti-gang/knife crime message. The students had a great time designing and creating the mural located behind our PFC Centre. Read More

  • Spirit And Sports Day 2019

    Spirit And Sports Day 2019
    8th July 2019

    On Tuesday St Edmund Campion welcomed over 300 Yr5 Primary School children from; The Abbey, St Gerard’s, St Mary & Johns, SS Margret Mary, St Barnabas and SS Peter & Paul. The day began with a warm welcome from Mr Grant, followed by the pupils getting a taster of lessons that take place at Campion. This included; Music workshops, Amazing Art, Drama and many more!! After a well-deserved lunch, the Yr5 pupils were in for an afternoon of sporting activities delivered by the PE department. Read More

  • Induction Day 2019

    Induction Day 2019
    8th July 2019

    On Wednesday, St Edmund Campion welcomed our new Year 7 pupils for their induction day. The day was a full packed day with a rotation of workshops which involved; making slime in science, creating music and drama performances as well as experiencing some trampoling to name a few! Everyone enjoyed their pizza and chips lunch too. The pupils were well looked after by their SEC Student Leaders who did an amazing job and represented Campion in true style. Read More

  • Catholic Life Of Our School

    Catholic Life Of Our School
    8th July 2019

    The Gospel this Sunday gives importance to the community, the togetherness, the reality that God’s work is not something we do alone. Jesus sends the disciples out in twos, disciples that he has appointed himself. It is as if he is sending envoys ahead to prepare the way for him to visit. Read More

  • Year 11 Prom Celebrations

    Year 11 Prom Celebrations
    1st July 2019

    On Wednesday evening, we hosted our Annual Year 11 Prom at Moxhull Hall. We celebrated their journey at St Edmund Campion. We wish them every success in the future. We thank them for the joy and happiness that they have brought to us during their time at St. Edmund Campion and wish them every happiness on the next part of their journey. Read More

  • Super Learning Day For Year 8

    Super Learning Day For Year 8
    1st July 2019

    Not in our school, not in our Community The theme for the day for year 8 was knife and gang crime. The day started off with a thought provoking presentation by an ex-gang member Tanayah Sam who spoke about his life, what happened to make him make those initial wrong decisions and then how he has now turned his life around. You could have heard a pin drop! Read More

  • Catholic Life Of Our School

    Catholic Life Of Our School
    1st July 2019

    The miracle of the five loaves and two fish is one of the better known miracles of Jesus. Most of us learnt it in Primary School. Scholars have often thought about the signficance of this miracle and its place in the canon of scripture. One explanation I remember was that in reality, those present had enough food to feed all present, and that the real miracle came in the sharing that took place. Read More

  • Outstanding Achievement For Our Year 9 English Students

    Outstanding Achievement For Our Year 9 English Students
    21st June 2019

    Before Christmas a group of year 9 students studied the AQA English Step Up curriculum; all students passed and achieved Levels 1 and 2. The certificates arrived this week and students were presented today. Mr A O’Connor and Mrs E. Taintey would like to add that all the students deserve their levels as they put a lot of hard work and commitment to the course. Read More