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Super Learning Day For Year 8

Not in our school, not in our Community

The theme for the day for year 8 was knife and gang crime.

The day started off with a thought provoking presentation by an ex-gang member Tanayah Sam who spoke about his life, what happened to make him make those initial wrong decisions and then how he has now turned his life around. You could have heard a pin drop!

This was followed by a theatre production of “Cutting Ties” by Round Midnight which again looked at knife culture. The production was excellent and showed the pupils how situations can get out of hand quickly. The cast then went back to the point where things could have gone differently and the pupils were asked to give their advice to the actors to change the course of events. The pupils were very vocal and showed that they really understood how they as individuals can play a part in changing someone’s future.

The final session was Natalie Cox who works for the Police and crime Commissioner and she gave a presentation on “Stop and Search” and spoke about their rights but also how to conduct themselves. Natalie asked the pupils what percent of pupils did they think carry weapons or have been found with weapons. Their response was staggering. They felt it was 70% and this is all down to perception. The figure is in fact 1%.

In between all of these events the pupils were in workshops looking at this issue. They wrote to the Police and Crime Commissioner expressing their views, they created canvases in Art with some wonderful graphics. In IT they produced some fabulous posters and other groups did amazing work in Music and Drama- fabulous raps and acting. Finally Mr Roche worked with a group producing a fabulous Urban Art piece of work “Drop Da Knife” which the pupils were really proud of.

To showcase the fantastic work done I invited the Deputy Police Commissioner in and Radio 5 Live  and our neighbourhood PCSO came as well to speak to staff and pupils about knife crime in our local area and they watched some of the presentations. They were so impressed with year 8 and their attitude and behaviour during the day was exemplary.

We do want to work and be taught in a safe school and live in a safe community and today has certainly gone a long way to inform our pupils on how to stay on the right path but who to go to for help if  they need it.

Well done Year 8

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