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Exam Season – One Week Down!

Well done to all our year 11 and post 16 students for their conduct and professionalism during their exams this week. It has been impressive to see. Good luck and keep it up.

Please keep all our students who are sitting exams in your prayers during this time over the next few weeks. I think we can all appreciate the challenges they face at this time.

Pupils must not be late to any of these exams.

Pupils must attend every exam on their timetables

For year 11 pupils and in line with local policy, there will be no study leave and all pupils will be expected in school as normal each day.

All year 11 pupils must be in full uniform to each exam (Blazer, shoes and ties) We will not permit any pupil to sit an exam until they are in full uniform attire.

Pupils will need to bring the following equipment to every exam:

• Black Pens (x2). (All exams must be written in black ink)

• Pencil (x2)

• Ruler

• Rubber

• Scientific Calculator (Please note that the school will not be providing any calculators and pupils must bring their own calculators to every Maths, Science, Geography, Computer Science, DT, Psychology exam))

If you have any queries please contact either Mr Grant, Mrs Brodie or Mr Hussey.



Uniform standards are high at St Edmund Campion. However, there are a few pupils who persistently do not have the correct uniform. All pupils must wear shoes (which can be polished), blazers and ties. School skirts must be appropriate and not tight or stretchy. Girls trousers should be parallel and not tight legging type trousers. It is important that as we maintain our impeccable behaviour that standards are consistently reinforced by us as a school and you as parents and we appreciate your support in this matter. Please check our website if you are unsure as to our uniform standards.

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