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Sutton Fun Run

On Sunday 24 members of staff from Campion took part in the Sutton Fun Run. 8.5 miles in blistering sunshine! Everyone did exceptionally well and all finished the race.

We have raised a lot of money for both Acorns and the Birmingham Children's Hospital and we are extremely proud and grateful to the staff who took part.

Look out for the final race times in the Sutton Observer over the next few weeks! We are all waiting for the final times and it is between Mr Lamb, Mr McKendrick and Mr Grant for top spot (must have something to do with all being part of the Maths department!) 

There is still time to sponsor us for these great causes and you can do so by clicking on the links below:

Birmingham Children's Hospital:


Many thanks to those of you who have supported and sponsored us already; we are very grateful


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