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Sports Day 2017

St Edmund Campion Catholic school student’s descended on Wyndley Leisure Centre on Friday 7th July 2017. As the early morning sun beat down on the track each and every student from Year 7, 8 & 9 readied themselves to pitch their talents against peers from other houses. A smooth transition to their house pens, registration marks taken.  Mr Boylan buoyant from last year’s victory. But was he confident of his house defending their title this year? We would see if they could pull it out of the bag when it mattered.

Special guest announcer Mr Hall with his one-liners and wise-cracks to each and every student who wandered past his view point. Doing a great job of keeping all up to date with the track results. At the halfway stage it was all the play for with only 60 points separating all four houses. Oscott fourth- 238, Chad third- 268, Harvington second- 281 and Maryvale the leaders 298. Could they maintain the early pace?

As the day went on and the ice-creams began to melt there were some excellent individual performances on display for both track and field events alike. With each house whooping and cheering on their competitors, fighting for every point they could gain for their side. The final scores were in. The points totalled and double checked. Result….

Fourth place; Oscott- 591

Third place; Harvington- 660

Second place; Maryvale- 724

First place; Chad- 780

Thank you to the students for their excellent behaviour and application from all on the day. A special mention from the members of the PE department to all the staff, 6th form and GCSE PE students for your help with making the day a resounding success!! We look forward to more of the same next year.

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