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Sabrina McIntosh profile image

Sabrina McIntosh, KS3 Coordinator Mathematics

I first taught at St Edmund Campion Catholic School in 2015, while completing a PGDipEd with the University of Birmingham. The school immediately struck me as a vibrant and caring place for both staff and pupils and I thoroughly enjoyed my placement. The fantastic support that I was offered by my subject mentor, and the Mathematics department as a whole, played a large part in my positive development and I was thrilled when they offered me a permanent role.

I returned in 2016 once my training year was complete and began as an NQT, during which the support and development I had seen during my training continued. CPD sessions run by various members of staff allowed for best practice to be shared across departments and my part in a Growth Mindset working group lead by the Central MathsHub allowed for sharing across schools. During what was a stressful year, I received not just substantial professional guidance but also a great focus on staff wellbeing too. Retreat days and events allow us to relax, reflect and celebrate our successes.

Most recently, in 2017, I have taken the role of KS3 Mathematics Lead where I am responsible for the teaching and learning of years 7 and 8. I am currently managing a significant project, which has involved writing and implementing a new scheme of work designed to strengthen pupils’ key skills and create mathematicians willing to investigate and discover. The project so far has allowed the Mathematics department to reflect on and refine our teaching practice, while linking topic areas in a new way. I look forward to seeing this project through to the end of the year and also my future development at St Edmund Campion Catholic School. I am confident that I will continue to learn and grow in a school that strives every day to do the best for its pupils.

Sue Mulgrew profile image

Sue Mulgrew, Head of English

I joined St Edmund Campion Catholic School in 1999 as a Teaching Assistant in the SEN Department and am now Head of English, a position I have now held for two and a half years. I participated in the Graduate Teacher Programme in 2007 and was very well supported by the school throughout the process. I now have a role that challenges me in more ways than I could imagine but one that I enjoy immensely. I can’t imagine ever wanting to teach anywhere else. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given and the belief that has been shown in me.

A key part of my role is leading a fantastic team of English teachers and support staff and it is very gratifying to see them develop through the CPD opportunities that we offer. Our regular ‘Teachmeets’ are bursting with new, innovative ideas and departments work together to share good practice.

Anyone who has ever taught at St Edmund Campion School comments on the very strong bonds that exist between the staff and the feeling of working together as a community with a common purpose is very evident to anyone that walks through the door. Our students are amazing and constantly surprise us with their resilience and commitment.

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Eser Elmas, Lead Practitioner Mathematics

I joined St Edmund Campion Catholic School in September 2017, moving from London where I had worked for 12 years, the last 4 of which were as Head of Department. Moving job, home, and having a child within a month is a daunting prospect, but the support I received from the school eased this transition period dramatically. Staff have been both warm and welcoming and there is a clear vision and direction from SLT in terms of how to improve the provision of teaching and learning within the school. Part of this involves developing staff and although I have only been here a short period of time, I have already been put forward for the NCETM PD Lead Development and Accreditation Programmes, highlighting the support for professional development within the school.

As a lead practitioner my role is to improve teaching and learning within the school with a particular focus on mathematics; this involves both aiding staff development within maths but also in the wider school through supporting our NQT and PGCE students. This is made easier through an extremely positive attitude towards learning walks and observations with all staff happy to be observed and to observe themselves. My role is in its infancy but I look forward to working with the school to further develop the role, and improve the progress of all our students.

Louise Jones profile image

Louise Jones, Head of Biology

I am currently the Head of Biology at St Edmund Campion Catholic School. I teach predominantly GCSE and A level Biology within the school and am a sixth form tutor. St Edmund Campion is my second teaching school and I am now in my ninth year of teaching.

I came to St Edmund Campion because I wanted to make a difference in teaching biology and I was fortunate to gain a promotion to Head of Biology. I had a strong desire to enthuse students with a desire to question and learn more about the exciting and ever-evolving world of biology. I was keen to bring my experience of the real world of science into the classroom.

Teaching at St Edmund Campion is extremely rewarding. The diverse nature of the students throughout the school, being taught within the Catholic ethos, gives a valuable and unique experience. The Campion community is very welcoming and supportive to new and experienced teachers. There is a wealth of experience and highly skilled practitioners within the school on both the pastoral and academic sides. Opportunities for CPD both within the school community and using partnerships with other school organisations e.g. PiXL are excellent. The Leadership team are very committed and also supportive and immediately integrate you into the school community. I was impressed with feeling a strong part of the team within days of starting work at the school.

Courses which I have benefitted from are the in-school teaching and learning insets run throughout the year by senior management, particularly with an emphasis to building and developing suitable student skills and resilience to the new style linear A level and GCSE exams. I believe strategies we developed in these courses were directly responsible for the best ever A level biology results we achieved at Campion this year. I have also benefitted from attending PiXL courses for middle management.

One of the reasons I enjoy teaching at St Edmund Campion has been the opportunities I have been given to further develop and specialise in my main interest area: teaching Key stage 4 ad 5. Senior leadership are very approachable and have been extremely committed to helping me grow and develop into an even improving practitioner.

Dawn Egan profile image

Dawn Egan, SLE Modern Foreign Languages

I joined St Edmund Campion Catholic School in September 2009 as an AST in Modern Languages to work in a creative, committed team leading teaching and learning across the school. In spite of being at my previous school for 17 years and feeling apprehensive as to how my next career step would pan out, the moment I came to Campion I felt a strong sense of belonging, as if I had always been a part of the community here. There is an undeniable warmth and faith in the school and both staff and students were so welcoming and caring, it was and still is an absolute pleasure and privilege to work here.

In the beginning my role at Campion was to plan, deliver and develop teaching and learning across the school, as well as outreach to our local primary schools, embedding MFL pedagogy in their curriculum. It was a joy to work with so many different professionals, at so many different stages in their careers and with such varied subject specialisms and the experience developed me as a practitioner and as a leader of learning. My school has continuously given me professional development opportunities to enhance my skills in teaching and learning and I soon became a facilitator for OLEVI OTP and ITP programmes to a great number of colleagues from the secondary, primary and special school sectors in our area. I now work as a leading practitioner at Campion, overseeing the training and professional development of newly qualified teachers and those who are training to become teachers. In addition to this, I manage the languages department and I have recently become a Specialist Leader in Education. I am now in my 26th year of teaching, I feel challenged, but valued and I love my profession as much as I did way back when I started, and I have to say that my enthusiasm for everything that I do here is largely due to the development, opportunities and incredible support I have been given by the leadership, staff and students of St Edmund Campion Catholic School.