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Retreats at Campion

               Retreats within the context of our Catholic community, are the ability and space given to our students and staff to take a step back from their daily life and reflect and develop their faith. We at Campion believe that this is an essential practice which provides great opportunity for growth. 

Students at 'Campion' are primarily fully immersed within the religious life of the school through participation in our whole year retreats. Each retreat day is begun with a time of prayer and culminates with the whole year participating in Holy Mass. Students have the opportunity during the day to help contribute to the Mass by way of providing music, reading and serving to name but a few.

Year 7 - "Yes" - October

In year 7 the retreat is based around the idea of these students saying yes to attending a Catholic school, just as Mary said yes to the Holy Spirit. Students look into what their "yes" to St Edmund Campion Catholic School looks like, as well as the benefits which come with saying yes to the many opportunities available to them here. Their day comprises of four workshops, culminating with a Year 7 welcome Mass held at Erdington Abbey, where all family members are encouraged to join us.

Year 8 - CAFOD - June

In year 8 the focus is on our main school charity - The work of CAFOD. Students are better introduced to the idea of social justice & what it is like to be a global citizen. Their day comprises of three workshops; the first which helps foster a sense of teamwork and cooperation amongst those in their small groups. The second, Where they learn more about the campaigning work of CAFOD and are tasked with phhysically creating campaign t-shirts to be worn during social action projects. The third being a sessions from CAFOD called "Trading Trainers"; this sees small groups divided up into countries from around the world and they are tasked with having to make trainers (with of course a few disadvantages depending on the country).


Year 9 - Love & Relationships - January

This year, students will focus on the topic of 'Love, Family & Relationships", this is an opportunity for our students to grasp a better understanding of topics such as: "Theology of the Body" , this encompassing the teachings of Pope John Paul II around respect for our bodies and others. Also students have the oportunity to learn more about Love and Marriage through an interactive workshop.


Year 10 - Justice & Peace - July

This year sees students learning more about the notion of social justice, a journey of discovery surrounding the main topic of 'Prisoners of Conscience'. Four engaging workshops lead students along a day where they learn about those who are being persecuted around the world, what they can do to help, how prayer acts as a force for good and where they fit into the bigger picture of the topic.
During this year, there is also an opportunity for up to 25 students to take part in a residential retreat to Soli Centre for Youth Ministry, more information to follow.


Years 12 & 13 - Talents/Potter's Retreat - September & October

For our 6th form students, there are two main worshops which are delivered; 'Heroes': which focusses on who we can we be heroes to in our daily lives, to the 'Potter & the Clay': Discovering how are we being moulded into the Image of God, as well as who we are becoming as individuals on the cusp of adulthood