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plotr-logoPLOTR MAGAZINE: Discover careers you never knew existed and explore the world of work like never before with Plotr magazine, available in multiple formats including PDF and app (iPhone/Android).

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PLOTR.CO.UK: Plotr is a revolutionary website created to help you discover and explore careers you'll love. It’s built around the Game which uncovers careers matched to your skills, interests and personality.



November 2016

Connect with exciting possibilities and take your communication skills to the next level with the SOCIAL NETWORK issue of Plotr Magazine!


October 2016

Explore your inner strengths and discover all kinds of new possibilities with the YOUR STRENGTHS issue of Plotr Magazine!


September 2016

From changes at school to career ideas, make the most of whatever comes your way with the NEW BEGINNINGS issue of Plotr Magazine!


August 2016

Want help with making a decision or choosing options? Then check out the CAREER HELP issue of Plotr!