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UCASWe are proud that every year a significant number of our Year 13 students go on to Further Education. In 2017, over 60% of our students went on to a range of colleges and universities across the country to study an array of courses including Medicine, Chinese & History, Midwifery, Film & Television Production, Law and Specialist Hair & Media Make-Up.


The Post-16 Learning Leader, Mrs Griffiths, is responsible for the application process and co-ordinates input from Personal Tutors, academic staff and from students in the creation of each individual application form.

We are proud that we know each of our students well and have the facilities to address their individual needs. All students, regardless of their choice of course, college or university are offered support from their Personal Tutors, Learning Leader and Careers Advisor.

Some of the ways we support our students through the UCAS application process are:

  • Champion Mind-set Day at the start of the Autumn Term
  • Timetabled lessons dedicated to Careers Information Advice and Guidance with a qualified Careers Advisor each fortnight, tailored to students’ level of study
  • Individual appointments with a Careers Advisor available throughout the academic year
  • Focussed Progression Time sessions on building key study and wider skills to support university applications
  • A range of speakers and visitors from different institutions throughout A Level study
  • Information and Guidance about Open Days and Taster Courses
  • Personal Statement support from university admissions tutors
  • Structured Personal Statement support through Progression Time and advice surgeries
  • A Personal Tutor responsible for each individual student’s UCAS application
  • Attendance at the UCAS Convention in the Summer of Year 12
  • A Parents’ Forum in the Autumn term to offer advice on ways that parents can support their children in their UCAS applications