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Campion Feast Day


At the beginning of December, we gather together as a school community to celebrate the feast of our Patron St Edmund Campion. It is always a beautiful Mass with a congregation of over 1000 students, staff and dignitaries.

We were reminded during our most recent homily, by Canon Browne that we shouldn't keep our faith to ourselves, we should share it with those around us and then it'll make an impact. He used the analogy of a football - a football on a shelf or in a trophy case could make a very nice ornament, great to look at but it only comes into it's own once it is used for the purpose it was created for, it is used to play football with others - it's what Edmund Campion did and what we should do also (using our faith, not the football).

A special thanks to everyone who attended including; the readers, the Alter servers, the choir and all those who helped to make this a joyus celebration.