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Message from the Headteacher

20 November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

We have had a huge push on our praise and rewards policy this week and it has been really pleasing to see so many pupils in all year groups receiving praise awards based on our Jesuit values as well as praise postcards sent home. I’ve managed to send out a few Headteacher praise postcards this week which has been great. Please do keep encouraging your children to meet those five Campion Standards:

1. Be Present

2. Be on Time

3. Appear Smart and Professional

4. Work Extremely Hard

5. Behave Extremely Well

As we keep saying to the pupils, if you meet these simple standards each and every day you can’t go wrong!

I met with the governing body on Wednesday for our half termly meeting. The governors were full of praise for the staff and pupils at school for the way we have all handled the COVID situation as a community. It was nice that the governors were able to recognise our school achievements during these most trying of times.

Just a reminder that there is a teacher training day next Friday 27th November. No pupils are expected in school on this day except for those identified year 11s who are sitting exams. The year 11 mock exams start in the next couple of weeks and as I said in my letter to year 11 parents, it is so important that these exams are well prepared for. As it stands at the moment all GCSE and A level exams will be taking place as planned this summer albeit 3 weeks later than normal. Given the uncertainty surrounding the current situation we are not ruling out the possibility that we may need to revert to teacher assessed grades and how your child fares in mock exams will be a contributing factor. We are also planning to hold a second mock exam series around March 2021.

This Advent the staff at St Edmund Campion School are going to be putting together hampers for some families we know have struggled in the local community. Instead of the usual secret Santa, the staff are committed to really helping out those in need and it is a real testament to the school and staff. It is our Catholic values lived out in action. As St Teresa of Calcutta said:

‘Wherever God has put you, that is your vocation. It is not what we do but how much love we put into it.’


Kind Regards                                                                                           

Mr A. Grant

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