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Remote Learning

20 November 2020

In these challenging times, we are continually seeking to develop and enhance our Remote Learning provision.  You could really support us by ensuring that your son/daughter knows:

How to log on to Microsoft Teams using their school email

What their password is and is safely stored 

How to upload and submit work back to their teachers for feedback

How to join a live lesson

How to download the mobile Microsoft Teams app to their phone

During any period of self-isolation, we really encourage you to sit down and look at the class work that has been set.  If there are any problems, please contact us as we would like to fix any issues as soon as possible so that our remote learning provision works efficiently.

If you do have any technical questions regarding access to Microsoft Teams please email:

Just a reminder on what you can expect from us in the event that we switch to remote learning:

  • If your child’s whole class is sent home to isolate then they will receive a mixture of live lessons and set assignments throughout the isolation period.  Work submitted through Microsoft Teams will be acknowledged and work will be marked in accordance with our departmental feedback policies
  • If you child is identified as a traceable contact and their class has been sent home, we will set assignments via Microsoft Teams for them to complete. There will be no live lessons.  We will also post out a self-isolation pack of work for them to work through
  • A register is downloaded after all live lessons and attendance is compulsory.  Your son/daughter will receive an email link and it will appear on their Teams calendar.  They will take place at the same time as their usual scheduled lessons

We are always very grateful for parental feedback on your son/daughters remote learning experience.  If you have any feedback you would like to share, please email:

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