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  • Dramatic Launch to the 2013 Options Programme

    Dramatic Launch to the 2013 Options Programme
    30th January 2013

    Year 9 students were given an inspired start to their Options Programme on 30th January. Enact Solutions, a young and vibrant Theatre in Education Company came to get students thinking about the choices that they need to make over the coming weeks in preparation for their Key Stage 4 Curriculum. Read More

  • Past Student's Photography Success
    22nd January 2013

    Aimee D'Caccia, a former A Level art student, is currently in her first year of a three year Photography degree at Wolverhampton University. Whilst at Campion she developed an interest in photography and attended a course outside of school to develop her skills. Aimee sent me the following link of work that she is currently developing on her degree course, I'm sure you will agree that she has an eye for detail. Read More

  • Transition Golf Training

    Transition Golf Training
    16th January 2013

    On Wednesday afternoon, the extension studies YA Leaders and some of the Year 10 PE GCSE group attended a Transition Golf Training. The pupils learned about freestyle golf and extreme golf. The external coach delivered the importance of health and safety when running any sport sessions as well as how to make use of any size facility space available to run a golf club. Sixth form pupils who attended this course will run a primary 'golf club' during their extension time and the Year 10 PE GCSE pupils will assist the after school 'golf club' which will be starting soon. Read More

  • Show My Homework

    Show My Homework
    10th January 2013

    We know from feedback at parents’ evenings, parent forum meetings and parental questionnaires that parents often find it a challenge to monitor their child’s homework. In response to this we are excited to be the first school in Birmingham to use a new online service which enables parents to keep track of their child’s homework and deadlines. The service is free to access and available via the Internet. Read More

  • New Cycle Shelter
    8th January 2013

    A new cycle shelter has been erected in the school drive outside the Technology workshops. This shelter will provide secure storage since the gates to this section of the school drive are locked during the school day. The shelter has been provided to the school free of charge and results from our association with Bike North Birmingham who provide one of our Wednesday Activities and an Extension Activity for members of the Sixth Form. In the Wednesday Activities students learn about safe cycling and get to enjoy a ride along a number of safe routes in the school vicinity. In addition they learn about keeping a bicycle in good condition, basic maintenance and keeping fit through cycling. Students are encouraged to cycle to school and we ask that those who do from now on leave their bikes in this new shelter. For additional security we suggest that students bring a suitable lock to secure their bike inside the shelter. Read More

  • Headteacher's Christmas Message

    Headteacher's Christmas Message
    20th December 2012

    We have come to the end of a long term and the whole school community is looking forward to a well-earned rest. The prospect of Christmas cheers us and lifts our spirits away from the cold, dark and depressing weather of the season. Year 11 and the Sixth Form have worked hard completing their mock examinations and we look forward to their results in January which I am sure will be very pleasing as they conducted themselves very well during the exam season. Spiritually, we have been preparing the students for Christmas in our Advent assemblies and Walk with Me reflections which have been used by teachers during form period. Tomorrow we celebrate this holy season with our Christmas assemblies as well as Reward/Achievement assemblies. Read More

  • Sixth Form Christmas Spirit

    Sixth Form Christmas Spirit
    19th December 2012

    Just before Christmas, 6th Form students were involved in organising a senior citizens party for some of our local residents. It was wonderful to see a number of our VIPs come into the school and share an afternoon of music, bingo and entertainment as well as enjoying a Christmas meal provided by Aspens Restaurant and a visit from Father Christmas. We look forward to seeing more of our local senior citizens at next years party. Read More

  • British Judo

    British Judo
    17th December 2012

    Campion topped the Judo medal table at the regional tournament on Monday 17th December with numerous gold, silver and bronze medals. Students from Year7 and Year 11 took part in the regional finals against eight other schools. The competition was fierce but all pupils involved participated with grit and determination, Dominic McCormack, Kehinde Omitoyin, Taiwo Omitoyin Tavonga Gangata, Tino Timire, Sharmaine Burke won three of the four fights. Read More

  • Campion Feast Day

    Campion Feast Day
    14th December 2012

    This year’s “Campion Day Mass” was quite simply one of the best ever. Before mass began the school community was treated to Oran Grigg’s rousing rendition of “Abide With Me” on the Irish bagpipes. The main celebrant, Mgr. Pat Brown (along with Fr David Newell our chaplain, Fr Peter Conley and Fr Francis Dickinson) have surely never experienced such a moving procession. When the celebrants had all taken their places and the 1000 students, who were impeccable throughout the whole day, the lights were dimmed and we were treated to a short film showing the pilgrimage made to the site of the Tyburn Tree in London – the site of our patron’s martyrdom. Read More

  • Textiles Students visit Clothes Show Live

    Textiles Students visit Clothes Show Live
    10th December 2012

    The Textiles deparment arranged a trip to the National Exhibition Centre on Monday 10th December to the Clothes Show Live. Some students in Year 9 received this as an award from the Campion reward point system. Other Yr 9 -Yr 13 students paid for their own tickets. Students visited the show to see how their textiles learning links into industry and work experiences. Read More