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An Update From Our Drama Department

Year 12 Performing Arts students had their last practical exam of the year before they begin revising for their written exam. They performed a condensed version of Blackout by Davey Anderson. An invited audience came to watch the class as they turned the Drama Studio into a very intimate performance space once again. As this in an internally assessed performance I can tell you all the students achieved very good grades for this assessment. Well done Year 12.

Next week Year 11 will be having their externally assessed drama exam. A visiting examiner will be coming to the school to mark these pieces. The students have prepared a group piece and a monologue, both from the same play. They are very nervous as this is quite a scary process but everyone is so supportive of each other so they will be glad to perform them the best they have ever done before. Dress rehearsals are taking place this week in the space to make sure all last-minute worries are gone. Come on Year 11 you can do this!

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