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Sixth Form – Our Bridges Project

We are delighted to share an update about an exciting community project in our Sixth Form called 'Bridges.' With the support of Mrs Laura Grigg from Ageing Better and Lee Croft from The Sanctuary we have been able to set up an exciting inter-generational community project. 

Building on the immense success of our annual VIP Christmas Event, we decided we wanted to build up further links with our VIP guests and offer a monthly coffee morning.  Yesterday, our planning meeting took place and we agreed to have a dual focus to our meetings.   Our initial focus is going to see our VIPs supporting our us with Cooking for University and the following session would see us teaching our VIP's about the latest apps and offering IT support.

Watch this space for further updates on this fantastic project.  We all left the meeting having learned a great deal from each other.  It is such a fabulous way to build community cohesion and tackle loneliness in our communities.

Jeevan Degun, Christine Kitaka, Lauren Williams, Vareeshah Zahir, Shakira Brown and Mrs Quoroll


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