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Under 15 Girls Football

St Edmund Campion 1 North Birmingham Academy 7

With the girls first ever game together being against the toughest opposition in the league, who had an outstanding near perfect track record, the girls knew they were in for a challenge. The girls went in with no pressure and just wanted to play, they openly admitted they were there for fun and just wanted to try and score a goal.

As soon as the game started NBA were on top, their tempo was unbelievable, and it took a while for Campion to settle into their own style of play. However, once Campion had settled, they began to play some lovely football and had a number of shots on target throughout the game. Going into half time losing, the girls did not let it get them down. They just wanted to get back out there and have fun. During the second half the girls continued to play some pleasing football and by the end of the game the Campion girls had even scored a goal passed NBA. The girls took a lot from this game and had a few things to practice on during training before their next game.

Player of the match: Alexia Nash

Erdington Academy 3 St Edmund Campion 0

The girls were in high spirits following some very successful training sessions since their game against NBA. All throughout the game the girls were showing signs of improvement from their previous game and the girls were started to play with confidence. Great link up play was shown from the girls leading to Campion have a number of shots with the Erdington keeper making some fantastic saves. Unfortunately for the girls they were once again left with no substitutes meaning the girls began to tire in the later stages of the game. They were forced to all become defenders and their attacking play was therefore halted. The girls put in a tremendous effort with the minimum number of players but unfortunately when Erdington bought on their fresh legs Campion just couldn’t keep up- through no fault of their own. Final score Erdington Academy 3 Campion 0.

Player of the match: Wiktoria Cop.

Greenwood 4 St Edmund Campion 1

The girls started the game off with a high tempo and had Greenwood running around with little hope. The passes were on point, the dribbling was attacking, and the shots were powerful. It was only a matter of time until the Campion girls would score. However, Greenwood turned it on very quickly and in consecutive attacks opponents put two goals away. At halftime Campion were losing 2 – 0. Going out after the break the girls didn’t shy away from Greenwood who were still showing signs of their quick attacks. Campion pulled a goal back and then the comeback was on. Unfortunately, not for long, Campion tired very quickly due to not having any substitutes available. Even though the girls continuously defended their goal to the best of their ability the constant attack from Greenwood meant that the final whistle went, and the game ended 4 – 1 to Greenwood.

Player of the match: Abbie Pearce

St Edmund Campion 1 Cardinal Wiseman 1

With the final game of the league for the U15’s, the girls had one goal in mind they wanted to at least draw. They had been improving massively each and every game in both confidence and skill. It was clear to see they were ready for more fixtures to be arranged they had just gained the confidence as a team and started to believe in themselves and really started to knock the ball around with ease and control. The girls started off on top and were dominating for most of the game. However, just before half time Wiseman poached a goal, with a well-placed goal into the bottom corner. At half time the girls’ only aim was to now get the goal back in the next half, so they went out fighting. Their fight paid off, with the girls executing a lovely piece of play ending in a goal. The final whistle went, and the girls were delighted with a draw.

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