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Crest Awards Success

Five of our Year 11 students have successfully completed their Silver Crest Award and proudly received their certificates this week. This is a prestigious award that is designed to inspire young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers.

Their project which was set by LM (who have responsibility for the northern section of HS2's phase one enabling work). They were asked to produce a tender for an Ecological Mitigation Site.

In their plan they needed to include: a bat house, Great Crested Newt pond, planting & a community area.  Working on this project they gained an insight into the construction industry and the different roles available. It gave them a chance to work in a team, they all took individual job roles and spoke to staff holding that role to find out what work they needed to do for the team. To further support this work they heard from a number of professionals & completed site visits.  They received talks from: A Senior Archaeologist who is working at the Curzon St Site where 18,000 bodies are currently being exhumed from a medieval burial ground; a Bomb disposal expert, who talked through his work as Birmingham was highly bombed during WW2 and any construction work has to be carefully monitored; A risk planner, project manager and civil engineer from LM who explained their roles and gave advice and guidance on how to approach this project.

Our students were also lucky enough to visit:

• Midland Metro Alliance – which is a £1.3 billion project over 10 years, delivering best integral transport system for the future and will amongst other routes link up HS2 with the airport. This contract offers a huge amount of job roles for the young people of Birmingham!

• CLM a sub-contractor for LM who talked through their work and apprenticeship programme and the students got to try bricklaying.

• Drayton Bassett site and saw a bat house, Great Crested Newt (GCN) pond and Hibernaculum; bats and GCN are protected and if a worker kills one GCN when creating a pond the company is fined £5,000; GCN are rare in Europe but 85% of them reside in the UK so our workers tread carefully!

• National College for High Speed Rail (NCHSR) who have a variety of Virtual Reality (VR)

• HS2 where we saw a video and heard of the plans for the HS2 phase 1 from Birmingham to London.

Naomi Bates (Skills and Employment Advisor for LM JV) commented that: ‘It was good to see such an enthusiastic group of young people who were genuinely interested in the activities’. 

As a School we are truly delighted that our students achieved this award and have personally gained so much from it.


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