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Biomedical Engineering Workshop

On Wednesday 1st November, 10 year 10 pupils took part in a biomedical engineering workshop at Birmingham University. Upon arrival, the were greeted by two Doctor of Mechanical Engineering who gave a brief presentation about the engineering department at the University of Birmingham; including details of the undergraduate courses available in addition to information about engineering in the wider world including applications and possible careers after study. 

Students were then given the brief for the workshop which was to design and make a device for holding a broken bone in place while it healed, a subject which one of the doctors was currently working on. The students had time to plan their designs before choosing from a number of materials, including pipe cleaners, lollipop sticks and card. They crafted their device around an artificial broken femur and then tested them to see how well they could hold the bone together under different types of force and pressure using weights. 

The workshop was an excellent opportunity for the students to gain an appreciation of engineering and its real-life applications. Students enjoyed working as a team to solve the practical activity and I hope that it encouraged them to think about engineering as a career option.
A big thank you to the students that took part and to Mr Reid and Miss Meek for accompanying them.

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