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Pastoral Support

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The pastoral support system at St Edmund Campion reflects the Catholic ethos of our school; it has the teachings of Christ as its foundation. At the heart of everything we do is our shared belief that each individual is a unique person, created in the image of God. All members of the school community are valued and supported to develop their God given talents and gifts.

We have a strong, established system of pastoral support that is founded on sound relationships between students, parents, form tutors and house leaders. St Edmund Campion provides a safe, secure and supportive environment in which students are able to flourish.

Every student is placed into a house upon entry to school, form tutors see all members of their form on a daily basis. Form tutors are present at all Parents' Evenings and should be the first point of contact for any academic or social concerns.

House Leaders support the form tutors and monitor progress across their house. During form time students will explore areas of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE); this provides a reinforcing structure designed to look after the personal and social well-being of each student.  The PSHE programme is designed to give students the skills and attitudes needed for handling the pressures of youth and modern life. The programme is delivered over a range of activities and experiences at the school.

The Pastoral Support Team



Mrs A. Warom

Assistant Headteacher
Behaviour/ Pastoral and SEN

Mrs A. Warom




Head of Chad House

Mr A. Boylan

jon parker

Head of Oscott House

Mr J. Parker


Head of Maryvale House

Mr J. Griffiths

mary rochford

Head of Harvington House

Miss M. Rochford

kate porter

Head of Year 7

Ms C. Porter

The Behaviour Support Team

This team consists of four non-teaching staff who support staff in attending to the pastoral care needs of our young people.

john roche

Mr J. Roche

lisa price

Mrs L. Price

vanessa dowe

Ms V. Dowe

sophie boyle

Mrs S. Boyle

The Safeguarding Team

If you have any concerns or wish to ask any questions about Safeguarding, you can contact both Mrs Fleming and Mrs Edwards on 0121 464 9549

neil morris

Mr N. Morris
Assistant Headteacher (DSL)

jan fleming

Mrs J. Fleming

jade edwards

Mrs J. Edwards


School Chaplain

Mr Ward is our School Chaplain and he works closely with the form groups in all areas of chaplaincy.

tom ward


Rewards and Sanctions

At St Edmund Campion we aim to provide a rewards driven, positive approach to behaviour management. We have implemented a points system that consistently rewards positive, compliant behaviour. The students are expected to meet the Campion Five Standards for Success:

  1. Be Present
  2. Be On Time
  3. Appear Smart and Professional
  4. Work Extremely Hard
  5. Behave Extremely Well

Non-compliant, negative behaviour is identified early and sanctions are implemented consistently. Sanctions include:

  1. Yellow Cards
  2. Teacher and departmental detentions (C2)
  3. Whole school detentions (C3 and C4)
  4. Stage reports
  5. Time where students are placed in the Remove Room
  6. Fixed Term Exclusions
  7. Permanent Exclusions

Our main aim is to ensure that all pupils leaving St Edmund Campion School are well rounded individuals equipped with the skills and qualifications necessary to be successful in life in their chosen careers.