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We know from feedback at parents’ evenings, parent forum meetings and parental questionnaires that parents often find it a challenge to monitor their child’s homework.  In response to this we are excited to be the first school in Birmingham to use a new online service which enables parents to keep track of their child’s homework and deadlines.  The service is free to access and available via the Internet.

You simply need to visit the school website and click on the Homework button at the bottom of every page.  Alternatively you can go directly to  This will display a calendar-view, showing dates when your child has received homework and when it is due for collection.  By clicking on a specific homework you will be able to view details of the task or activity which has been set, along with any resources uploaded by the teacher, and support your child in their learning where appropriate.

No password is required to access the site so that it is easily accessible for parents and students.  In this default view you can use the filters at the top of the calendar to view homework by subject, teacher, class group or year group.  Students can also sign-up for their own account which will then show a personalised view of their homework calendar when they select their teaching groups.

We hope this new service will provide parents with an insight into the type of homework your child receives and how often it is set.  More importantly, we hope it will benefit your child by displaying all their homework and deadlines on one page, helping them to use their time more effectively and become more organised.

There are already a large number of homework tasks available on the site and in the coming weeks staff will be using it to record all homework which is set.  Students can also access their personalised learning projects (PLPs) via the site and links to resources on SharePoint, other websites, videos and worksheets are all available via Show My Homework.  Teachers can also use the site to post details of class tests and exams, along with the necessary revision materials.

If you require assistance using this service or would like to provide feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me at